Digital Signage Kiosk Display for Banking

Build your bottom line with digital guest personalization, insights and suggestive sell

Banking Digital Signage Kiosk Display

Digital Signage Kiosk Display Deliver a Memorable Experience

Digital Signage Kiosk Display Mobile has leveled the playing field requiring banks and credit unions to differentiate themselves. Many are looking to the branch for those experiences. With 90% of purchases made in-branch, tools like digital signage and sales assist can increase product awareness and directly impact share of wallet while sales assist tools can open new avenues for personal bankers to communicate with customers and increase close rates.

Build Relationships

Warm up your branch with digital signage that welcomes customers into an environment where relationships are nurtured. Weaving in relevant content can showcase your local community support or highlight a bank employee to encourage authentic connections.

Banking Digital Signage Kiosk Display Price in Bangladesh

Banking Digital Signage Kiosk Display in Bangladesh

Deliver an ROI where it matters

The best part of digital signage? Seeing the results. Crafting a clear story for your solution, defining what and how to measure success is critical in making an impact. We are experienced experts who can help you navigate and weigh all the options to deliver the best results.

Digital Signage Kiosk Display for Bank

Within the Financial Industry Digital signage is becoming increasingly relevant for preparation, acquisition and transfer of clients and stakeholders. You will better advertise your goods and services by linking tourists to your bank, credit union or bank directly with your brand by integrating digital signals into your branding/marketing strategy.

In their retail branches, each of the world’s leading banks is beginning to integrate screens to educate customers on their products and services. Innovative ways for banks to meet their customer base include Pro Display techniques. The technical spectrum of Pro Show is perfect for banking, also satisfying the dream of retail branches, which banks work hard for. 

“Varito digital signage kiosk display system can help notify consumers by showing real-time prices and quotes with automated data imports”

The pro monitor technologies guarantee bank customers can bank and visit branches securely from the mirror screen technology to our self-service kiosks or our switching smart glass privacy partitions. GCTL LED is one of the leading digital signage kiosk display sellers in Bangladesh and we are here to demonstrate that you are a forward-thinking institution, ready to embrace new technology and new ways of interacting with your customers.

Improve customer Service & Experience

Take the visitors to your bank or financial offices and tell them about valuable information and facilities related to their concerns. Provide real-time updates such as quotes, interest rates and stock prices, while promoting your services and increasing your brand presence in your customers’ eyes with a custom Varito digital signage that is easy to update.

While increasing numbers of people rely on online banking, transactions in a physical office or bank continue to be required. It does not mean, however, that clients expect their digital experience to stop.

Educate and inform staff with financial staff room signage

Varito Digital signage for financial institutions offers a convenient way for critical training programs to be shared, and workers continuously trained and updated in terms of both market and business growth.

Digital banking signage will help to provide the employees with appropriate and up-to-date information in areas such as lunch and meeting rooms that will assist them in achieving their personal and financial goals.

“Inform your clients and employees about the financial terms and suggest reference resources to find more”

Offer Interactive actions with touch screen digital displays

Allow your customers through interactive touch screen systems by the bank lobby signage, to access useful and vital information of your organization.

You can not only boost their overall knowledge by providing customers with touch screen kiosks but also can reduce the pressure on sales staff to serve a large number of customers by providing them with quick and easy access to their details.

Whether you want your customers to access your account, make a transaction or view other features, like maps and building directories, digital banking automatically improves your website’s customer experience.

Location for Bank Digital Signage Kiosk Display

Front of the Organization- The storefront window facing Varito digital signage displays can display enticing content and branding that can be easily used to engage street passengers, which can boost brand trust and draw passengers’ attention by using high-brightness signage displays.

Counter- The deployment and integration of digital signage screens with the local queue management system allows customers to monitor the queueing status at all times to improve their customer experience.

ATM- As clients wait to get their money, ATM toppers digital signage screens or built-in ATM topper signage screens allow them to deliver a bank message or advertisement.

Community Area- For community areas in banks including people gathering areas or areas that require warning and waiting for promotional financial products, additional digital screens can be used.

Welcome Area- In the area of welcome, the banks will view live TV channels and advertising using a wall or a free-standing form of digital signage network to allow customers to enjoy their time of waiting. Digital signage can also be combined with complex banking data such as an exchange rate.

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