Digital Podium

Digital Podium One

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Digital Podium Two

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Digital Podium Three

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Top Wall Mount Digital Signage Android price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
32 Inch Wall Mount Digital Signage Display 45,000 – 65,000
55 Inch Wall Mount Digital Signage Display 65,000 – 1,05,000
22 Inch Touch Wall Mount Digital Signage Display 35,000 – 55,000

Wall Mount Digital Signage kiosk Display

Varito offers a suite of Android and Windows Poe (Power over Ethernet) large screen Digital Signage & kiosk systems for indoors and outdoors. Varito’s range of digital signage solutions include:

  • Indoor & outdoor wall-mountable digital signage displays.
  • Floor stand digital signage displays.
  • Interactive touchscreen digital signage displays.
  • Ceiling mountable digital signage displays.

Solutions range from pc or wall mountable POE Android tablets from 7.5″ to over 55″ displays. Display sizes include 7″, 12.1″, 14″, 15.6″, 21″, 24″, 27″, 32″. Bigger sizes include 43″, 49″ 55″ and 65″, Units can be configurable with the embedded Android Player or USB simple player.

These available units support built-in RJ45/ethernet LAN ports that allow it to connect to the wireline network for reliable network communications. PoE (802.3af/at) option is also recommended for many of these units.

You can install your signage app, or we can provide a cost-effective signage solution that will address your needs. We offer both a single USB based player or a cloud-based solution that allows you to manage multiple signage systems anywhere in the world. With the cloud-based solution, you can create, telecast, and order one too many interactive kiosks located in different sites. 

Using the Online Studio, you can build rich multimedia content smoothly and post it in the cloud. You can install the Player App on the kiosk, connect to the cloud, automatically download your content, and play the content on the Varito signage displays and kiosks located anywhere. You can remotely operate the content being played on the kiosks and get rich reports and statistics on content impressions and viewer interaction.

Please contact GCTL LED to inquire about our services and how we can help you to help expand your business through state-of-the-art digital signage solutions.

What’s new about Varito Andriod Wall Mount Digital Signage Display 

Specifically designed for outdoor/indoor use, this display has all the features which allow it to be used inside/outside. Our products are Sunlight readable. Brightness is key. This display uses ultra-high brightness panels (2,500 cd / m2), which is more than five times brighter than a standard LCD panel to provide easy readability in direct Sunlight when using outdoor digital signage. The glass frontage is also anti-reflective to improve defuse direct Sunlight shining on the display, improving overall clarity

  • Weatherproof- Proper for the harshest outdoor conditions – Designed with a strong, corrosion protected, outer casing to protect both the elements and the public. The outer casing here has an IP65 rating, which means it keeps out all airborne dust, dwarf, and other particles and is protected from wet weather conditions, increasing the range of possible environments.
  • Vandal-proof- The outer casing of this particular display is made from tempered steel and thermally toughened glass. Here, controls and openings are hidden and not accessible by passersby.
  • Plug and play- The outdoor Varito digital advertising displays come with a built-in HD android media player, which will allow you to update them using a USB memory stick then insert it into the show. It will then copy the files into its internal flash memory drive. Once you remove your memory stick, the screen will start playing the pictures and videos in a continuous loop.
  • Orientation- The display you can be mount in either landscape form or portrait form, depending on the app. We also include a complete free wall mounting bracket that actually allows you to install your display in either landscape form or portrait orientation and then lock it in place.

The Main Mounting Options for Varito Android Wall Mount Display Signage

Here are some most common mounting types for Varito wall mount digital android signage, and factors to consider:

  • Flat wall: The most direct mount fastens a display on a wall like an image, but within that particular design, there will often be a need for excellent metalwork and even locking systems that block someone from tampering taking the media player that may be tucked behind. That issue goes away if the media player is embedded, as in Varito’s Smart Signage displays. Another most significant consideration with flat mounts is the Americans with Disabilities Act, which in some cases may need the display to protrude no more than 4 inches from the wall.
  • Tilt wall: These mounts are standard versions of flat, fixed wall mounts, but are designed for scenarios where the screens are placed above the usual line of sight for viewers. A typical case is menu boards at fast food order counters. What’s crucial here are flexible adjustments that allow users to fine-tune the angle, instead of using a preset condition that may not offer the best viewing.
  • Full-motion wall: These are pre systems that pull out based on releases or swing open. In either case, buyers should look for UL-tested products to handle the weight when away from the wall and have adjustments for dazzle and optimal viewing angles. Right commercial products also have things like quick statements instead of more cumbersome units that may require tools.
  • Ceiling mount: These systems typically allow screens to be hung from metal fittings attached to poles attached to ceilings — usually the support beams. End users should be looking for designs that offer variable lengths, options for different harnesses and angles, and UL-rated durability. A display that is falling from a ceiling is an operator’s ordeal and an injury lawyer’s dream.
  • Video wall mounts: These are the technically elaborate mounting systems because they require precision adjustments that align several displays — maybe even dozens. To look great, the bezels (the seams between the screens) need to be minimized, and the junctions where screen corners meet need to be perfectly aligned and flush. As mentioned earlier, servicing access is a huge concern. Often, more massive video walls require custom mounting designs, and several manufacturers have custom divisions. There are also custom mounting system specialists.
  • Outdoor: Outdoor displays introduce many complications, and some of the top mounting manufacturers have outdoor systems that protect against moisture penetrating the enclosures and damaging electronics. Ruggedization also has to be factored to protect against tampering and vandalism, as do pedestals for mounting to plaza floors or sidewalks. Some companies specialize in full outdoor enclosure systems; Samsung has outdoor-rated, high-brightness, plug-and-play display solutions, allowing enclosure manufacturers to interface with purpose-built outdoor signage.

Digital Podium

Digital Podium Varito HJ-27D
The purpose of multimedia Podium is to combine all of these so that the benefits of each can be used in a desktop environment. Hypermedia: is software that allows the user to interactively manipulate information in a variety of formats – text, images, animation, graphics, sounds, digitized voice, and video.

Product Details:
– Equipped DELL Inspiron 7470 all in one PC 23.8” touch screen and 10-point touch with all-in-one PC  presenting solution on top.
–  Present with microphone and lamp socket on the surface.
–  Interface for power, audio, USB hub, Net, VGA and HDMI port etc.
–  New electrical power lift with wide range adjustment by your Wi-Fi

What is the purpose of multimedia Podium products?
The purpose of multimedia Podium is to combine all of these so that the benefits of each can be used in a desktop environment. Hypermedia: is software that allows the user to interactively manipulate information in a variety of formats – text, images, animation, graphics, sounds, digitized voice, and video.

What are the benefits of multimedia Podium?

  • Increased learning effectiveness.
  • Gains and holds attention.
  • More appealing.
  • Reduces training cost.
  • Easy to use.
  • Give information cost.
  • Provides high quality of presentations.
  • Multi-sensorial.

Advertising Led Display Screen

GCTL LED is professional Indoor/Outdoor LED display Supplier and service provider in Bangladesh. The design has the features of “LIGHT”,”THIN”, “STABLE”, convenient installation, withstand wind, dust and water proof. We welcome & accept your customization LED display project.

P4/P6/P8/P10 Outdoor LED Display

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P1.5/P2.5/P3/P4/Indoor LED Display

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Top P2.5/P6/P8/P10 LED Display price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
P4/P6/P8/P10 Outdoor LED Display 4,50,000 – 15,50,000
P1.5/P2.5/P3/P4/Indoor LED Display 4,50,000 – 15,50,000

Advertising Led Display Screen in Bangladesh

Experience unmatched contrast, brightness, & color compared to projection or display walls. Varito LED technology surpasses projection in houses of worship throughout the country because of its ability to deliver a seamless picture to any size and shape, even curved.

LED displays look unique even in high ambient light environments, and Varito LED Display content looks excellent from every angle. With Varito LED Video Wall Display, performers can’t inadvertently cast shadows on the image or get temporarily blinded by the projector beam.

Head-to-head, LED brightness every time wins the attention of the audience over projection and LCD video walls. LEDs provide the light and the color source in one diode; LED displays are the only type of display that offers true black.

Give your Messages a Life with Leading Digital Signage Display Screen

Deliver high-impact messaging with HDR technology on our IF Series. That optimizes color, brightness, and image quality for a more realistic viewing experience. Dynamic peaking elevates the grayscale, ensuring clear and accurate pictures, even in low light settings. More profound contrast provides darker blacks and brighter whites. Varito LED displays use self-illumination and high accuracy pixel pitches to deliver an exceptional, consistent viewing experience even at close range and over time.

Hassle-free installation & maintenance LED Display Digital Screen | P4 LED Display Screen

Varito LED screens are engineered for hassle-free installation and are easy to maintain with full front and rear access to the display, decreasing potential repair costs. A slim design built for actual compact spaces can reduce the need for extra wall construction, helping to reduce overall implementation expenses. Plus, a single S-Box supports UHD content through multiple screens, so you can forgo expensive external boxes to present messaging.

Reliable and Affordable Price Range from Advertising LED Display Screen – Importer, Distributor, Seller

Varito LED displays to deliver ease of use and manageability with up to 100,000 hours of service life with 24/7 operation. They achieve uninterrupted performance and continue energy-efficient with a cabinet featuring advanced temperature. The fan less design helps increase their lifespan, minimizing the impact of dust and rigid particle exposure. Plus, the LED Signage Manager (LSM) assists you in identifying common performance errors and avoiding visual disruptions. Being a Distributor and seller of Varito LED digitals panels in Bangladesh, GCTL LED is working always to provide the best signage displays for the people. 

LED vs. LCD video walls

With Light-Emitting Diode (LED) displays, observers look directly at the tiny LEDs creating the visuals, compared to Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), which use LED to illustrate the liquid crystal display layer around the edges. With a fine pixel pitch technology, LED displays can show up to Full HD viewing quality from just 10 feet away. Connected with the lack of visible gaps when fitting modules together, compared to the bezels on LCDs, you get a perfect video wall solution for your business.

Why choose the Varito Outdoor Advertising Led Display Screen?

Most organizations are using this LED display panel system as it is a considerable investment that serves the purpose of numerous displays by presenting a single display that is quite convenient to use. So, while a LED Display panel performs like a single display, the technology behind it is far more complex and powerful. Varito complete LED Display panel can deliver flexibility and excellent performance that is not possible with the essential solutions.

Types of LED Displays available in Bangladesh 

Indoor LED Display 

The number of uses for Varito indoor LED Display solutions boards is constantly growing. Clients are using them for revenue production, logistics, visual merchandising, lyric screens, branding, etc. Our vast array of Varito indoor LED Display panels allow us to make even the most creative ideas a reality. We can assist you with traditional LED video walls, airy designs, 360-degree seamless displays, and LED ceilings & floors.

Indoor LED Display | Indoor LED advertising screens

Varito Outdoor LED Display can scale an entire building’s side or can be used in a more traditional LED billboard setting. Our outdoor LED Displays can be used for much more than just advertising, such as focal points to drive community engagement in apartment complexes or amphitheaters. Our outdoor advertising LED Display products are built to withstand the most adverse weather conditions.

HD Digital Display Board

Full HD or 4K LED Sign Boards allow for boundless opportunities to create a truly immersive space. Our rental LED display panels are engineered for performance with Ultra High-Resolution pitches, pixel calibration, etc. For applications outside the 16:9 ratio, we have a high-resolution flexible LED module that provides creative freedom.

Curved LED Digital Signage

We excel in creating non-traditional LED Digital Signage. Our products are lightweight and built to curve for seamless convex or concave LED designs where traditional digital display boards will not work. These panels are the perfect solution for backdrops, tunnels, or cylindrical applications.

Transparent Advertising LED Display

Varito transparent LED Display panels are 65-75% transparent and can be placed in a window without sacrificing natural light in your space. Their slim design and high brightness can compete with direct sunlight while giving you the ability to create a dynamic experience for your customers before entering your location and can use it as an advertising display screen everywhere.

Our Products

Outdoor P4 P5 P6 P8 LED Display Module

  • Product Origin: Germany
  • Item NO.: P4 /P5 /P6 /P8 /P10 
  • Color: Customized Color
  • Lead Time: 5-12 working days 

Varito Outdoor programmable LED Sign Panel Screen Advantage: 

Varito LED pole advertising screen Cabinet structure is lightweight and consists of some basic standardization: as adopting a high strength metal process, achieving high precision, and other outstanding features. You can get a uniform image picture with high refresh frequency and an absolute gray level to realize the vivid effect.

With Varito Led display a fast installation is possible through the connecting plate. Outdoor p4 p6 p8 p10 led modules would not occur the extrusion and deformation phenomenon between the existing modules. When the pixel pitch high brightness then outdoor message display system transportation traffic digital signs led screen is working under the high and low temperatures.

P1.5/P2.5/P3/P4/Indoor LED Display

  • Product Origin: Germany
  • Item NO.: P1.5/P2.5/P3/P4
  • Color: Customized Color 
  • Lead Time: 12-15 working days

Varito Indoor LED Display Advantage: 

  • Large LED screen display acted as a high-end indoor screen. Can be used in the various types of indoor places, such as high-end conference rooms, families, halls, cinemas, theatres, lounge, stations, etc 
  • P1.5/P2.5/P3 /P4 indoor LED displays use the latest generation of technology, the pixel dots here to each square metres of 16 million points, can have reached or even surpassed the TV wall splicing of pixels, and rely on seamless mosaic of LED display screen.
  • The varito LED display screen is easy to use, convenient installation, a new generation of P2.5/P3/P4 LED display, visual distance will be further enhanced, you completely can close viewing clarity.

P2.5/P6/P8/P10 LED Display Price in Bangladesh

GCTL LED is a professional Indoor/Outdoor LED display Supplier and Importer in Bangladesh. The design has the features of “LIGHT”,” THIN ”, “STABLE ”, convenient installation, withstand wind, dust and waterproof. We welcome & accept your customization LED display project.

ItemsLatest Price
P4/P6/P8/P10 Outdoor LED Display4,50,000 – 15,50,000
P1.5/P2.5/P3/P4/Indoor LED Display4,50,000 – 15,50,000

Digital Signage: Commercial Display & Advertising Display

Indoor Portable Digital Android Battery A-Board

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Signage live Display, we are only one part of a larger ecosystem that’s called Digital Signage. GCTL Has a unique approach and business model, only focusing on running our software on a cloud-based infrastructure for digital signage networks. GCTL strive to be the most transparent and engaging company in the market by publicly listing our pricing, providing unlimited online technical support, and even opening our team to new ideas and improvements suggested by our customers and partners in Bangladesh.

Digital signage is a sub-segment of Digital signage. Digital signs use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information. Signage can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings etc, to provide way-finding, exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising in Bangladesh.

Outdoor Portable Digital Android Battery A-Board

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.


Signage live Display, we are only one part of a larger ecosystem that’s called Digital Signage. GCTL Has a unique approach and business model, only focusing on running our software on a cloud-based infrastructure for digital signage networks. GCTL strive to be the most transparent and engaging company in the market by publicly listing our pricing, providing unlimited online technical support, and even opening our team to new ideas and improvements suggested by our customers and partners in Bangladesh.

Digital signage is a sub-segment of Digital signage. Digital signs use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information. Signage can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings etc, to provide way finding, exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising in Bangladesh.

Top Portable Digital Android Battery A-Board price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
Indoor Portable Digital Android Battery A-Board 2,50,000 – 3,50,000
Outdoor Portable Digital Android Battery A-Board 2,50,000 – 3,50,000

Self Service Payment Kiosk

Self Service kiosk for Supermarket

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Self Service Payment kiosk for Restaurant

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Top Self Service Payment Kiosk price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
Self Service kiosk for Supermarket 5,50,000 – 7,50,000
Self Service Payment kiosk for Restaurant 5,50,000 – 7,50,000

Digital Signage Self Service Payment Kiosk in Bangladesh

Self-service kiosks have become a common fixture in many of our lives in recent years. Whether we’re looking for a fast way to pay and go at supermarket checkouts, ordering at a fast-food outlet, or using information points in airports, train stations, conferences, or events, these devices appear in lots of shapes and sizes. Do they make things more comfortable for customers or businesses? Are they worth the investment for the retail, food & drink, travel, events, healthcare, banking, and hospitality industries? What are the pros and cons?

In this article, from the GCTL LED, we’ll try to answer these questions and more, helping those in any industry to see if self-service kiosks could be the right choice for their particular applications.

GCTL LED is working as a distributor and importer of Varito self-service payment kiosks in Bangladesh for a long time. To get a glimpse of our showcase, get here. 

What is self-service payment kiosk machine?

Also, sometimes known as an interactive kiosk, Varito self-service kiosk is essentially a screen device at a fixed position, but unlike a standard tablet kiosk, a self-service tablet kiosk is one that someone applies themselves. The self-service kiosk definition is quite a small, self-standing structure, generally used to display information or facilitate an action. 

Now, it could be a point of sale (PoS) self-service touch screen kiosks checkout, like those used in many supermarkets up and down the country, information locality in a tourist attraction, or a kiosk airport that allows people to check-in without following a counter queue. The self-service kiosk purpose will be different for everyone, depending on your specific planned application.

Why Varito self-service ticketing kiosk?

Decreased Money Shrinkage

Varito bill payment kiosks reduce money reduction by significantly decreasing the number of hands cash passes through before depositing in the bank.

Improved Access

Varito self-service payment kiosks allow companies and organizations to extend their reach, hours, and their services.

Increased Safety

For physical safety, Varito payment kiosks are secured with door locks and a security alarm to deter tampering. On the other hand, software security includes automatic crash recovery, watchdog monitoring, and kiosk lockdown.

Increased Control

As an utterly unattended solution, Varito self-service payment kiosks prevent workers from accessing sensitive customer data that would have been available to them in a conventional transactional setting.

Benefits of using Varito self-service bill payment kiosk

There are numerous Self-service kiosk benefits. Depending on the work and sector in which they are utilized, which could include:

  • Very fewer human staff being required to serve consumers/passengers, resulting in resources savings for businesses.
  • Staff free/low HR for personalized/enhanced customer service options.
  • Less queuing or reducing waiting times for consumers/passengers, which also helps reduce the stresses for any remaining counter staff.
  • More people served in a shorter period, increasing efficiency and related profits.
  • Improving the customer/consumer experience by giving them control of finding information or checking in/out.
  • Providing a better adaptable and evolving solution, as the technology used can be upgraded without needing to replace the whole kiosk, in most cases.
  • Offering multiple features and functions; the same booth can offer information as well as take payments, print tickets and generate more revenue through upsells and advertising.
  • Smaller kiosks, like tablet kiosks, can often be adjustable, which is excellent for ergonomics, accessibility, and means they can be moved when required to meet your business’s needs.

Varito Self-service kiosks in retail and library kiosk machine

One of the most natural settings in which we come across self-service kiosks in Bangladesh is retail, due to the advancements that something like self-service payment kiosks can make to a retailer to the bottom line. 1 or 2 staff members can oversee multiple self-pay kiosk PoS units, which frees up other workers for other tasks, such as providing enhanced customer service.

A retail self-service payment kiosk doesn’t certainly have to be in the same location as manned tills. It frequently takes up a much smaller footprint per unit in a retail setting. Earlier underutilized shop-floor spaces can be adapted to offer self-service PoS kiosks for consumers. It can be far profitable at peak season to enable more consumers to complete their purchases via either option, decreasing the number of shoppers that abandon their basket or cart when they spot a long or slow-moving chain.

Varito Self-service kiosks in healthcare

This type of technology is steadily establishing a place for itself in the healthcare sector. Hospitals in various parts of Bangladesh now use self-service health kiosks to enable patients to check themselves in for outpatient meetings, which reduces the strain on reception staff and is also designed to reduce queuing times. Also used by many social surgeries to help regulate patient arrivals and waiting times, this type of technology is becoming ever more useful in this setting.

Another possible self-service kiosk healthcare application is an update to the weighing devices that used to be found in chemists all over the country. A big screen on which you can not only view your weight but can also input a few other select details, such as height and age, can give a range of healthy choice recommendations to the client.

Touch screen Self Service kiosks in the food industry

Self-service kiosks for food shopping are becoming more common. In addition to the big restaurant’s example earlier, you can see there are now KFC touch screen payment kiosks in Bangladesh, currently at help stations on the motorway network, and Burger King self-service kiosks in similar locations. In settings like this, with vast volumes of clients coming through year-round, it makes sense to introduce queue and order time, defeating measures that will maximize revenue by fulfilling more orders in a shorter amount of time through Varito self-service bill payment kiosks for fast food transactions.

Varito Self-service kiosks in the travel & hospitality industry

One of the first places to take widespread use of Varito self-service kiosks were airports. This technology lends itself well to the type of busy, fast-paced environment where many repeated tasks don’t necessarily require human interaction in the majority of cases. Self-service kiosks in airports can be a significant factor in the line and waiting time reduction, although not every passenger is comfortable yet.

Airports don’t have a corner when it comes to the travel sector; train operators have also been using self-service payment machines and data points for some time. Passengers are having the opportunity to avoid the counter queues and instead use a self-service printing kiosk for simple ticket buying. Or to find out the answer to their frequently-asked question is something that frees up staff resources for other projects and can help to improve the flow of people through the railway station and on to their destinations.

Self-Payment Kiosk Price in Bangladesh

As a seller and partner of Varito Self-payment Kiosk, GCTL LED provides several kiosk machines, like Self Service kiosk for Supermarket or Self-Service Payment Kiosk for Restaurant. With barcode scanning or printing function, Telpo also could do the ODM service based on these self-service kiosks, which would definitely meet your requirement. here is the price range of products available to us-

ItemsLatest Price
Self Service kiosk for Supermarket5,50,000 – 7,50,000
Self Service Payment kiosk for Restaurant5,50,000 – 7,50,000

Outdoor Digital Signage Display

IP6 Advertising LCD Outdoor Signage Kiosk

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Outdoor Digital Signage Display

LCD Advertisement Outdoor Signage Display

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Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Wall Mount Outdoor LCD Advertisement Display

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Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Dual Sided Outdoor LCD Advertisement Display

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Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Weather Proof LCD Display Signage

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Top Outdoor Digital Signage Display price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
IP6 Advertising LCD Outdoor Signage Kiosk 3,80,000 – 5,50,000
LCD Advertisement Outdoor Signage Display 3,80,000 – 5,50,000
Wall Mount Outdoor LCD Advertisement Display 3,80,000 – 5,50,000
Dual Sided Outdoor LCD Advertisement Display 3,80,000 – 5,50,000
Weather Proof LCD Display Signage 3,80,000 – 5,50,000

Outdoor Digital Signage Display Kiosk

Varito offers a whole range of exterior digital solutions, including fantastic tablet-style wall-mounted digital displays and freestanding digital emblems. With IP65 ratings overall, our range of outdoor digital signs can withstand all sorts of weather conditions and keep the dust out for full professional quality and commercial longevity.

Our external digital signage range is vandal-proof and thanks to thermally toughened glass, mild steel casings, and a tamper-proof design with no types of external controls. It contains high brightness panels with anti-reflective glass around; content stays vibrant even it’s in the direct sunlight. Its available with either plug and play technology for quick and straightforward content or net-workable solutions where content can be refreshed frequently and updated remotely, we offer flexible solutions fitting for almost any commercial application

Heightened audience engagement Kiosk

Increasingly prevalent in public spaces and common corporate areas, digital signage is the medium to communicate with mobile audiences who are often moving. Eye-catching content draws passers-by’s attention with messaging designed to stand out from other media’ noise’. Centrally controlled remote management is here, yet you will reach local accessibility. Varito digital signage delivers relevant, targeted content designed to inform, entertain, or in some way, influence the viewer while bringing operational efficiencies broadly.

Influencing the customer Kiosk journey

With dynamic content, specialization is proven to motivate the behavior of the viewer. As you know, In retail environments, branded messaging builds loyalty promotes merchandising, and offers upsell and cross-sell opportunities to steer the customer journey. Digital posters in-store shop windows and shopping malls deliver eye-catching advertisements, which can be enhanced with context-aware capability and interactivity, with personalized messaging for even greater relevance with engagement. 

Here in Varito, advertising merges with entertainment, increasing engagement through ramification relevant to the leisure and hospitality sectors. Real-time content updates ensure a swift adaptation of content necessary for passenger information in airports and rail stations, menu boards, food & beverage establishments, and corporate reception and staff areas.

Explore A broad range of signage opportunities with Varito

Varito fits the needs of signage applications with single and multiple format displays being the most common with interactive options for more massive audience engagement. Direct view LED is increasingly famous with its modular nature scalable to create enormous media walls of intense color for indoor or outdoor signage. 

New advanced technology is here with low maintenance and long-life laser technology. It projects an alternative signage medium, maximizing otherwise unusable infrastructure to deliver large scale images. Even desktop monitors enter the signage sector, offering exciting formats to differentiate through creative configurations.

Varito’s custom-fit digital signage solutions include open and modular embedded computing power such as Raspberry Pi, protective glass, mirror glass, colored over frames, housings, mounts, and stands. Alongside a broad solutions partner network, it also delivers end-to-end solutions perfectly tailored to any application’s needs.

Advantages of Using Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Digital signage advertising is typically a recent technological development of which people can anticipate to see more and more. The causes for this are straightforward: not only are the applications for this technology remarkably broad, but they’re also simple to use and may be implemented at a low cost, providing an advertisement platform unlike any seen before.

But how precisely is digital signage advertising changing the face of marketing on a large scale? And what are the useful examples of how this technology has been achieved? Let’s take a more in-depth look at these questions while making various observations along the way.

Defining the Concept

Before answering the questions overhead, it’s useful to define what is meant by digital signage advertising. Luckily, the concept isn’t complicated. While digital signs may appear in various shapes and sizes, this type of marketing highlights a display unit (whether plasma, LCD, or some other kind of technology) strategically placed for either informational or publicity purposes.

These specialized displays can be as big as a billboard monitor or as small as a grocery store monitor panel. The only limit to its application is frequently shrinking technological limitations, and whatever advertising limitations may be in place in a given region.

Widespread Application Potential

Once the displays are installed correctly, the display material makes a connection to a network. Whether a local network or the internet—or they display data from a storage drive (usually connected to the unit). This fact highlights a notable difference between digital signage advertising and traditional print-based marketing.

For example, with print-based marketing, a significant limitation has always been that every new advertisement needed a new process. In other words, every advertisement had to be designed, submitted, and printed, a method that could take significant time and be often expensive. Aspects of this process had to be frequently repeated from poster to poster or billboard to billboard screen.

With the advent of today’s high-resolution screen, weather-ready, and cost-effective digital signage advertising, that’s no longer a severe issue. Instead, once a client’s advertisement is quite ready to be displayed to its intended target base, it may be uploaded and displayed per the equipment owner’s agreement.

Size Options for Outdoor Digital Signage Display

When you’re deciding the size of an outdoor digital signage display, you’ll need to think about some factors:

  • What is the specific or average viewing distance of your audience going to be?
  • What type of media files are you going to show?
  • Are you going to use a split-screen format?

The further your audience will be from the display, the bigger you’ll need your content to keep it eye-catching and understandable. It’s a very rare moment that someone gets enticed by a display they can’t see correctly. From buttons and writing to system logos and graphics, size matters usually. The size of every object will depend on the display’s size and its resolution.

It leads to the type of content. You need to ensure the content features aren’t drowned out or too overwhelming. If your display shows a lot of text-based content, then your screen will need to be more significant to keep it readable. It is somehow recommended that you have your writing 1” tall for every 10 feet you expect it to be read from.  Or maybe you use your display as advertising space? Your advertisers won’t be keen to advertise on a comparatively small screen with a very low reach. If your display is going to be split between different content at the same time here, you’ll likely need a more prominent display to ensure all content remains big enough to be seen accurately.

What are the available size options for each type of digital signage?

  • Tablets: 10” to 21.”
  • LCD/LED Displays: 22” to 98”
  •  Interactive Displays: 43” to 98”
  • Video Walls: 49’ to 55”

How are Varito outdoor displays protected from harsh weather?

Varito Outdoor displays have IP rated enclosures (minimum IP65) to keep the display sealed away from dust and the effects of snow, rain, and humidity. The annealed glass, especially used for outdoor displays, is four times more powerful than what’s used for indoor digital signage. It makes it more flexible to shattering and general wear.

They also have a perfect cooling system to keep the temperature within the seal regulated, limiting damage from hot environments and the screen’s heat. The core panels of Varito signage are also made resilient to heat variations, as any inconsistencies would weaken the components and create moisture.

Why are Varito outdoor digital displays brighter than indoor?

Fight back against bright sunlight condition; a display must be 700 nits (a measurement of light output) or more, so a Varito outdoor display can have up to 10,000 units and does so while consuming as little energy as possible.

It means that it can maintain clear screen visibility and does so in a cost-efficient manner. Many outdoor screens hold an ambient light sensor to match its brightness to the outside environment to prevent wasted energy and irritation to the eyes. To Know More About Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Touch Screen Restaurant Table : LCD Digital Signage Display

LCD Touch Screen Conference Table

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

Metal LCD Touch Screen coffee Table

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

LCD Touch Screen Restaurant Table

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

42 Inch LCD Touch Screen Table

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

LCD Interactive Touch Screen Education Table

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

Top Touch Screen Table price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
LCD Touch Screen Conference Table 2,35,000 – 3,80,000
Metal LCD Touch Screen coffee Table 2,35,000 – 3,80,000
LCD Touch Screen Restaurant Table 2,35,000 – 3,80,000
42 Inch LCD Touch Screen Table 2,35,000 – 3,80,000
LCD Interactive Touch Screen Education Table 2,35,000 – 3,80,000

Multi touch Screen Tables Display Signage Kiosk

The special Touchscreen Technology used in our interactive tables with highly multitouch displays is of the Capacitive type. Well, the glass of a capacitive touch screen display is coated on the inner side by conductive layers sensitive to the finger’s simple touch. The alteration is detected and managed by management software.

 The touchscreen displays with branded capacitive technology have several advantages; first of all, durability is because the glass protects the technology, ensuring more excellent wear over time. Another benefit of devices with capacitive touchscreen technology is the remarkable ease of use. The display’s excellent sensitivity does not require intense pressures to operate but only a light touch.

Unlike optical touch displays, it is immune to changes in ambient brightness, allows the detection of the amount of exact pressure on the touch, and allows the creation of devices with All-Flat shapes.

Advantages of Using Touch Screen Table Kiosk

Interactive tables are highly helpful and fun to use. Not only that, but they’re also impressive to potential clients, customers, and colleagues. If you get one, you can anticipate hearing people say things like, “Oh, I wish I had one of these at my home.” Seeing as how they actually run off of the related software that tablets use, they can be used for an actually large variety of tasks, from easy computer work to games to elaborate design. Here are some of the ways that touch tables can be genuinely used to give your business a one-up.

It will give you Superior Viewing Angles:

If you’re seeing or reading something of great importance, you hold it down in front of you so that you can see it accurately. It’s like a more natural way to read, rather than up above your head like on a screen from a large projector. That’s almost the same concept that applies to use the touch tables. Whether you’re viewing any charts, lists, schematics, or even reading documents or having them down on a touch screen table just makes it more accessible.

Interactive Tables are actually Two in One:

It may not seem like an interactive touch screen table should ever be used as a regular table, but they definitely can be without hindering functionality whatsoever. Especially, The table’s multi-touch projected capacities touch screen display only registers with your fingers, so even if you lean on the table with the help of your arm, it still won’t interrupt its whole function. This means you can lay papers, pens, laptops, or anything else you need to use right onto the more durable, scratch, and impact resistant touch screen system.

Portability Touch Screen Table Kiosk:

Touch tables can easily and quickly be transported from point A to B. Unlike a wall-mounted system touch screen display, you can simply unplug your touch table, lift it up, and then transfer it to another place without any hassle.

Varito Digital Touch Systems can offer fully customized touch screen tables at an affordable price. Contact GCTL LED to know more about our touch screen tables and other interactive screens.

What can touchscreen table Kiosk be used for?

This unique product has been designed to complete massive tasks, from displaying agendas and running activity exercises to aiding alternative therapy and engaging residents in games, learning, and more.

What’s exceptional about this design is that it’s so large and can fold flat as a table and can be used in the same way a conventional tablet or iPad would be used but with a much bigger touchscreen area.

On the security side of things, this tablet has a built-in battery packet in its core so that when someone is using it, there’s no need for tracing cables, which can be potential trip hazards. Plus, these battery backs charge entirely in three and a half hours and can run for up to eight hours, which means clear that these interactive tables only need to be set once per day.

How can Touch Screen Tables kiosk can help someone with dementia?

A common problem that people with dementia have is a lack of activity, which leads to real boredom, as Career can’t be with them continually keeping them occupied. By engaging in authentic activities, such as using one of our interactive tables, it is true that people with dementia are likely to feel less bored, anxious, or stressed because they can stay busy.

And for Career encouraging people with dementia to engage in any independent activity by selecting appropriate actions can be extremely beneficial. It helps promote independence and reduces dependence on Career for constant attention. What’s excellent about touchscreen tools like our interactive digital table is that studies have suggested that touchscreens are a more practical option for dementia people. As it requires less hand-eye coordination compared to a desktop computer and mouse cursor, for instance, making it quite easier to use for people with dementia.

Various studies have shown that music and art therapy can reduce the tensions and strains that people with dementia tend to suffer from. These different types of treatments wake up parts of the brain that can help to ease stress, reduce anxiety, and prevent feelings of frustration. What’s fantastic about this interactive device is that it allows patients to control their music and art therapy and offers enough flexibility to let patients do an activity that they enjoy and find interesting.

What does the Interactive Digital Kiosk Table offer to its users?

Complete with a person-centered display that promotes care through technology, our interactive tablet tables cater to all care home residents’ needs, with the aim being to keep the mind active and are designed for residents with and without dementia.

Each of our digital tables comes complete with selecting pre-installed brain training apps, memory apps, and a selection of games and puzzle apps. There is also the option to download your choice of apps or software to enhance and personalize your users’ experience.

Wondering how your care facility can utilize this interactive table effectively? These tables can be used in several different ways, including dementia and brain training apps and games for people with dementia. For collaborative and multi-user games, listening to music, sing-alongs, quizzes, keeping fit activities, watching films and programs, browsing the internet, Skype calls, and staff training.

Each of our interactive digital tables comes with a three-year on-site warranty, and all essential training is included in the price of the purchase.

Signage Display For Super Market Windows : Dual Sided Supermarket Advertising Ki

Dual Sided Supermarket Advertising Display

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

Single Sided Supermarket Advertising Display

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

Top Super Market Windows Signage Display price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
Dual Sided Supermarket Advertising Display 95,000 – 1,85,000
Single Sided Supermarket Advertising Display 95,000 – 1,85,000

Supermarket Windows Signage Display in Bangladesh

The supermarket chains have already begun to modify how their customers buy, helped by digital signage.

Communication strategy provides to achieving corporate goals, allows to differentiate from competitors, improves the brand image, creates a community around the company, and engages customers.

Digital signage systems provide promoting offers and characteristics of products in a simple way and with a significant impact on the customer, with the advantage that it does not require logistics costs such as materials, distribution, or printing.

Digital signage offers countless solutions. In an industry with thousands of sources, such as supermarkets, this greatly improves traditional solutions. Digital signage enables us to display all kinds of offers, prices, and promotions on one screen, increasing sales and improving the customer’s purchasing experience.

Due to the easy updating and content programming offered by digital signage systems, it is possible to simultaneously display different ads at different supermarket points, depending on each of those points’ properties. Messages in formats like images, graphics, video, or audio can be switched quickly and programmed into slots with a centralized decision process.

Why use Supermarket Windows Signage Display?

To Inspire on-the-fence shoppers with the best recipe ideas and special offers: Not everyone visits a shop with a pre-planned grocery list. Take advantage of hungry browsers by sharing inspiring and straightforward recipes throughout your store. Use scheduling or compelling content features to update recipes by time or day of the week. Try quick dinner plans during evening rush hour and meatless options for Mondays. You can even include opening numbers to make it easy for customers to find each element.

Increase sales of brand new or unfamiliar ethnic and diet foods through consumer education: Research shows that in-store customers are more adventurous in their product selection than their e-commerce peers, but they still ask a nudge in the correct direction. Share origin and nutritional data as well as ideas on how to prepare unfamiliar foods. Your consumers will be more likely to experiment with new brands and products.

Build trust in brands and your products with social and user-generated content: Grocery shoppers are frequently concerned with wellness, sustainability, and where their food comes from. Social media is a dominant way to build trust in the safety and freshness of your products. Digital signage for grocery stores causes the power of user-generated content straight to the supermarket floor. Even better. Make it very easy to ensure that social posts are brand-safe.

Share time-sensitive data with shoppers more quickly: Digital signage for grocery stores makes it really easy to deploy new developments, provide stock and aisle updates, or share alerts beyond multiple locations. Nevertheless, you can manage the content remotely and update it in a moment. The sooner your customers know about instant savings, special deals, and even rain checks, the more convinced they’ll be with their store experience.

Get more conversions from in-store cooking demos with a call-to-action: Cooking protests and food samples are a proven method of increasing total shopping basket value. Provide a fair and attention-grabbing call-to-action on a screen placed above or near the food presenter. You can even have the signed update automatically according to the demo program. Nobody likes smudged chalk on a signboard anyway.

Ways to use Supermarket Windows Signage Display 

Smart Shelf System:

Incorporate Varito digital signage display into shelf edge to make a smart shelf system for retailers and supermarkets; shelf-edge digital signage solution is an effective way for point of purchase conversion by engaging with the consumers.

Varito in-store shelf-edge displays are developed and designed for shelf signage; it is not only a shelf-edge video strips but built as an intelligent retail solution for supermarket owners to create a real digital world. 

Video Wall System Display Kiosk:

As well known that many people are walking in the supermarket and grocery stores, a video wall system in the supermarket can give a massive screen for dynamic content display. To directly engage the audience in the supermarket area where space allowed, it is quite an efficient and fast way to attract the audience’s attention. Supermarket owners can keep updating the contents/promotions daily to keep the contents fresh and interested in it. Varito provides a turnkey video wall solution with different sizes of video wall screens, as well as brightness.

Ultra-Stretch Signage Kiosk Display:

Ultra-stretch displays are designed perfectly for the supermarket or grocery stores where the digital signage spaces are restricted so the average 16:9 aspect ratio digital screen doesn’t actually. With verities of sizes from 30’’ to 86’’ stretched signage systems, clients can choose a suitable size for their real environment. Deploy them on the shelf topper or ceiling mounting inside the supermarket area for public information and advertising delivery.

Standard Digital Signage Display Kiosk

A supermarket checkout lane is a perfect place for digital signage network installing. Shoppers are queueing here for checking out actually, so the advertising and data can be easily seen by shoppers throughout the store.

The digital signage system’s synchronization function can create a perfect display effect in the supermarket check-out lanes.

Advantages of using Supermarket Windows Signage Display

· Drive traffic in

If we’re starting at the origin, then one key benefit of retail digital signage is its ability to drive people into your store. Initially, it was only your odd Hollister here or there that applied the power of digital window displays. Nowadays, it’s almost everyone. Our screen-obsessed era has been a big help. We’re instinctively drawn to screens, and they catch our consideration. Statistics show that 8/10 consumers have entered a store because of a digital sign seeing their interest. 

· Increase the purchasing decisions

At any bank of tills, you have a variety of items just waiting to catch your eye. In grocery stores, it’s gum and candy bars. In clothing places, it’s often low-ticket items like hair ties, socks, or umbrellas. This primary drive buys a “sure I’ll have one” moment at the till. Yet, studies show that serving relevant data close to the point of purchase can also increase purchasing decisions.

· Re purpose social media content

In retail, social media is a big way to influence and entice shoppers. But it isn’t easy always. Creating effective social media content, then rolling it out, and getting people to “like” can be difficult. With digital signage, it’s quite easy to repurposed social media content and get it in front of your audience without other distractions.

· Provide entertainment

According to a brief study by the Urban Land Institute, 50% of millennial men and also 70% of millennial women consider shopping a genuine form of entertainment and, according to friends and family. Digital signs are a primary form of entertainment where you can share everything from social media to videos, news, and dashboards. That feeds into the entertainment trend and allows you to extend your brand throughout the store

Digital Signage Kiosk Display : Information Kiosk Commercial Advertising Display

42 Inch Information Signage Display Kiosk

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

32 Inch Information Signage Display Kiosk

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

Digital Signage Installations:

Digital Signage Kiosk Display As well as supplying Digital Signage Displays, interactive whiteboards & Video Wall screens – in fact almost everything , GCTL also provides professional Kiosk Display installations.

From simple ceiling mounted Signage Screen or wall mounted Display Kiosk flat screen Kiosk to complete room control solutions through to large multi-room Solutions for education and businesses, we can provide installations and solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

So whether you simply need your meeting rooms updated, reception area revamped, a whole bus station passenger information system, or indeed anything in between installed GCTL can help.
Please call us on 01847213868 to book a site survey or for a free quotation.

Digital Signage ? Why choose GCTL for your installation?

  • 13 years in the industry.
  • FREE Site Surveys.
  • Proposals fully documented.
  • Experienced after sales support.
  • Full Bangladesh nationwide installations.
  • 12 months On-Site warranty.
  • Full Guaranty including public liability.

For Digital Signage Kiosk Display We have experienced and friendly installation teams enabling us to provide the best possible service wherever you are.
When GCTL are installing your equipment you can feel safe in the knowledge that all installation work carried out is of good quality and guaranteed, for a period of 12 months from the installation date, subject to the fact that no attempt has been made to move or adjust (other than that provided for in the design) the equipment and cabling after the original installation.

Top Information Signage Display Kiosk price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
42 Inch Information Signage Display Kiosk 1,35,000 – 1,95,000
32 Inch Information Signage Display Kiosk 1,35,000 – 1,95,000

Video Wall- LED Video Wall Display Panel Screen

49 inch LCD video wall panel 1.8mm bezel

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

46 inch LCD Video Wall Panel 1.8mm bezel

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

55 inch 3.8mm LCD Video Wall

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

55 inch 1.8mm LCD Video Wall

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

49 inch 3.8mm LCD Video Wall

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

46 inch 3.8mm LCD Video Wall

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

Top Video Wall price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
49 inch LCD video wall panel 1.8mm bezel 2,25,000 – 2,75,000
46 inch LCD Video Wall Panel 1.8mm bezel 1,65,000 – 2,35,000
55 inch 3.8mm LCD Video Wall 2,65,000 – 3,65,000
55 inch 1.8mm LCD Video Wall 2,65,000 – 3,65,000
49 inch 3.8mm LCD Video Wall 2,25,000 – 2,75,000
46 inch 3.8mm LCD Video Wall 2,35,000 – 2,75,000

Video Wall LED Display Solutions in Bangladesh

Are you looking to impress customers and clients? With Varito, it’s easy to build dynamic and engaging video walls that will attract attention even in the most visually stimulating environments. By choosing Varito, you benefit from the world’s best visual display technology and engineering expertise to successfully implement the most advanced video wall systems. We can tailor a great display solution for your needs for information sharing, entertainment, or digital signage applications.

Drive Collaboration and Enhance Client Connections with Varito Outdoor interactive seamless video wall

We are offering a full range of leading-edge products and technologies that can be seamlessly blended to create the most advanced video wall solutions. Choose one display technology or combine various platforms to create impressive displays that get noticed. Varito products are backed by industry-leading warranties, training, and technical support for the ultimate peace of mind.

Deploying a video wall should be easy. When you choose Varito, we work with you every step of the way to map out a solution that will bring your vision to reality. Through our expert advice and working beside our partners’ extensive network, determining the Varito video wall solution that best meets your needs is easy.

video wall LCD digital signage Screen- Video Wall Display Panel

Varito tiled LCD panels offer a flexible platform for a variety of 24/7 indoor video wall applications. Our range of high-performing LCD products is perfect for control rooms, meeting rooms, educational facilities, retail spaces, and more, available in ultra-narrow and extreme-narrow bezel widths.

Remote power:
Several models are available with unrestricted remote power via external AC-DC hot swappable supply modules. Built-in SNMP monitoring guarantees that display status information is available – perfect for mission-critical installations.

Processing and content management:
Get the most out of your Varito LCD by combining it with our powerful content management and processing technologies for a complete, integrated solution. Our wide range of image processors and video wall controllers make it easy to design a customized, integrated video wall system.

Video wall P4 Indoor Led

The Varito lineup of indoor LED tiles provide unmatched choice, versatility, and flexibility when it comes to specifying high-performance video walls. From ultra-premium options for critical viewing and Active 3D applications to more budget-friendly solutions for high-impact installations, Varito LED video walls are perfect for engaging clients and consumers, sharing vital information, and entertaining in unique and innovative ways always.

Spec your personal video wall with the LED designer:
By just a few clicks, you really can design a wall for your space, or create a simple reference diagram and generate a bill of materials so you can order everything you need.

Video Wall with Zero Super Ultra-Narrow Bezel System

For most institutions, Varito video wall system is a considerable investment. So why spend the extra money when you could just apply a single large display, a front projector, or a set of individual monitors?

It’s essential to understand that a video wall system is an integrated solution: an array of high-resolution displays driven by a robust processing and computing system called a video wall processor. So while a video wall acts like a single display, the technology behind it is far more complex and powerful. Varito complete video wall system can deliver flexibility, performance, and interactivity that simply isn’t possible with more fundamental solutions.

Why Video Wall of Commercial Display a Smart Investment? 

Wherever video walls go, they are still the centerpiece of attention. Many people can hardly be blamed for focusing on them, as they are very much capable of incredible visual designs at a scale that no other technology can match. There is a place and time for every display option, but video walls are king where the impact is concerned.

No resolution limitations: Resolution is a quick and easy concept to understand. It’s about the pixel count and density. The more pixels, and the more detailed an image the display can deliver. From this simple concept, it’s obvious why video walls effectively create some visual impact. Stack an array of HD displays on top of each other, and especially those resolutions are additive.

Apparent image brightness and quality in every set: Front projectors are the primary alternatives to a video wall. Still, they have a problem in bright areas, like venues that rely on natural light. LCD and LED displays are brilliantly backlit, so they offer much more excellent brightness and contrast values than projectors.

Ultimate flexible hardware layout Feature: True, most video walls are just that – a wall. They’re grids, but they don’t have to be. With some attractive mounting and display options, designers can arrange displays in all kinds of patterns, including abstract geometric or curved layouts.

Processing power: takes more processing punch to drive the Varito video wall, but that extra processing oomph is another benefit. Professional quality video wall controllers are much beefier than those which found in single displays. As such, they cannot only drive content at a larger scale but also cause more content at a smoother rate than single displays can.Extensive content manipulation options: Video wall controllers give owners plenty of features on the back end. The tools can be used to present content on the video wall in several ways. The controller effectively turns the displays into a blank/single canvas, onto which content can be arranged, resized, or layered in some creative layouts.

Video Wall Uses Digital Vertical Display Systems?

Video wall systems are remarkably versatile and can provide benefits for virtually any application and environment. Meet some of the teams and people who rely on video walls every day, and find out how they’re handling their systems.

Armed Forces, Medical, Educational Institutions:

Military and federal organizations use video walls to:

  • Aggregate and reflect data on a central platform to build a common operating picture
  • Enable multi-domain conferencing and safe collaboration within multi-class situations
  • Provide a robust and mobile display solution in a tactical operations center

University, School, College, Metro Stations & Bus Stop

Students and teachers And Presenters use video walls to:

  • Visualize and utilize big data at full resolution and detail
  • Enhance inter-departmental study by uniting information on a shared visual platform
  • Enable distance education and collaboration with remote colleagues

Corporate Business Area and Functions

Leaders in today’s forward-thinking companies use video walls to:

  • Deliver engaging, interactive multimedia exhibitions
  • Collaborate with remote partners and share information site-to-site
  • Build a high-impact digital canvas to reinforce brand identity and welcome visitors

Control Room Operators and Beside Road, Public Gathering

Operators in control room conditions use video walls to:

  • Monitor networks, alarm systems, video streams, and other critical content on a dynamic central display
  • Create a shared program where operators can collaborate to accelerate the incident response
  • Share necessary data with teams and stakeholders across the network

Top video wall interactive 4k display solutions price list in Bangladesh:

49 inch LCD video wall panel 1.8mm bezel2,25,000 – 2,75,000
46 inch LCD Video Wall Panel 1.8mm bezel1,65,000 – 2,35,000
55 inch 3.8mm LCD Video Wall2,65,000 – 3,65,000
55 inch 1.8mm LCD Video Wall2,65,000 – 3,65,000
49 inch 3.8mm LCD Video Wall2,25,000 – 2,75,000
46 inch 3.8mm LCD Video Wall2,35,000 – 2,75,000

Best Video Wall with Superior Visual Performance

Higher Resolutions: Since Varito video wall is built from especially a tiled array of displays, the display surface’s full resolution expands with each display attached to the array. It means the wall can have a much larger display area and far more resolutions than a single display or projector. Varito video walls are also extremely scalable than projectors since the display surface can be increased without sacrificing image quality.

Powerful Processing: In Varito video wall system, picture and video processing are performed by an external video wall processor, sometimes called a controller. As a prominent component, a controller can leverage far more powerful processing hardware than the processors built into specific displays. These superior processing abilities enable video walls to deliver fluid visual representation and display large-resolution content.

Superior Brightness: varito video walls can provide far more shine and better contrast ratios than a front projector so that they can be used in environments with windows or overhead lighting. That’s because the display technologies used in Varito video walls – like LCD, LED, and rear projection cubes – are less sensitive to being “washed out” by ambient light. These displays also maintain consistent brightness regardless of their size, while front-projected pictures become dimmer and blurrier when they are enlarged.