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Digital Signage Kiosk Display For Retail Shop

What is Retail Digital Signage?

Retail Digital Signage generates an exciting and immersive shopping experience that helps you separates your brand from the competition. Use NoviSign’s specifically designed Retail Digital Signage software to naturally improve your ability to better promote products, upsell services, and create new ways to better connect with your customers. The results behind retail digital signage speak for themselves:

  • High Engagement: 47% of people especially recall seeing an advertisement on a digital sign
  • Grabs Attention: 2/3 of people report digital signage ads catch their attention over other media
  • New Age: 88% of people agree that retail digital signage competes with the online experience
  • Impulse Purchases: 19% increase in desire purchase sales due to digital signage
  • Increase Sales:8% increase in overall sale volume due to retail digital signage
  • Reduce Check Times: 35% decrease in waiting time check time due to retail digital signage

Influence Purchasing Decisions While Enriching Your Customers Shopping Journey

Reach your customers at every critical moment of their shopping trip by strategically using retail digital signage!

With Digital Signage for retail, you have the power to dynamically create, manage, broadcast your entire marketing communications while being able easily to incorporate a mixture of customer-centric notifications and information. From your entrance to product departments and aisles, you can use retail to efficiently reach and engage with your customers at every focal point. The possibilities with digital signage for retail are unlimited!

  • Share location driven messages that are audience tailored and relevant
  • Focus interest on exclusive special offers with in-store retail digital signage
  • Promote upcoming new sales, promotions, and special events
  • Share on-demand customer driven notification and information
  • Reemphasize your principals and customer service policies

Retail Shop Digital Signage Kiosk Display

One Platform for Unlimited Applications

Using Varito’s digital signage for healthcare enables you to intuitively create and manage multiple types of content for all of your screens across your facility, practice or office. From healthcare digital signage in your lobby, waiting rooms, pathways, cafeterias, staff break rooms, Varito can support it all.

Varito Digital Signage Kiosk Display for Retail Store and Mall

The high street is a contentious battleground with retail shops, all fighting to grab consumers’ attention. Digital Signage is at the lead of a retail revolution as more shops recognize the benefits. By going digital, brands can increase their brand awareness. When compared to the stagnant print advertising Digital Signage Solutions allow your consumers to make a real connection with your brand. Varito Digital Signage provides instant updates and can serve as a remotely updatable network of screens, so every branch of your commodity is up to date.

The full diversity of Varito Digital Signage screens can be used in retail as it is the general home of Digital Signage. Want to display your new promotional video of your latest product? Then Android Advertising Display is the perfect display to showcase your advert. Want to get more sports? How about a High Brightness display in your business front window display to help bring more consumers in? Retail is not all about adverts, though. Interactivity is becoming a significant force in the retail sector, and it’s easy to understand why this is happening. 

Having interactive screens like our Varito Touch Screens give consumers the chance to educate themselves about your products and services while being completely customer-driven. The success analysis with Digital Signage in a retail setting focuses on the customer and their experience in your shop. Digital Signage gives you a fantastic chance to showcase not only products but a brand, which is priceless for any retail store.

Distribute your Passion over a Digital Kiosk Display Platform 

Unlike traditional signage, Varito digital signage solution allows your customers to TOUCH, SWIPE, and INTERACT with your Digital Signage Panels. QR codes produce the ability to download the signage content to your consumers mobile and can include face recognition display of content and offer extensive reporting on interaction usage. The solution is fully cross-platform so that it can be deployed over any player and OS (WIN, iOS, and Android).

Omni-channel Delivery Kiosk

Varito Digital Kisok solutions operate in a different combination of resident Apps and internet connectivity. The core interface Applications and content are ‘resident’ on the chosen devices, with an internet connection only needed for access to selected webpages/data, updating, and administration.

This unique blend offers the benefits of instant viewing speed, independent operation, no internet lag, reliability, and absolutely no down-time if your internet connections are down.

Varito solutions can be delivered in mere weeks without expensive IT development and infrastructure requirements.

Give your Consumers a Premium Experience with Digital Signage Kiosk

Turn your boring Digital Signage – that everyone usually walks past – into a truly interactive “Touch” experience for greater customer engagement.

Ideal for Interactive Digital Posters, Advertising, and Informational Screens.

  • Touch, Swipe, and Interact with the screen
  • Interact with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Geo-location and RFID activated.
  • Click the QR code to download it to your mobile.
  • Simple, fast, and inexpensive Digital Signage deployment, using stock IR Touch Screen and micro PC / Player combinations.

Advantages of Using Varito Digital Signage Kiosk Display for Retail And Mall

Perfect Interactive Display according to gain a better customer Management: You can go with highly animated – with carousels, showreels, content bookshelves and galleries, videos, brochures, and screensaver animations. And operate on any type of device with natural touch gestures like the newest generation of smart ‘touch’ tablets and mobiles.

All App interfaces can quickly be configured for both Landscape and Portrait modes.

Unlimited Content Display Options: With its centralized CMS publishing capacity, the interfaces can represent any combination of Text, Videos, Images, Product Tiles with QR codes, 3D and flash animations, Advertising campaigns. You can also display- Product Locators, printable Shopping Lists, interactive and directional Maps, digital brochures, captured user information, and much more.

Global CMS Control System Kiosk Display: For speed and safety, the entire range of IMA. Kiosk ‘smart’ touch App solutions operate independently on any device, so they only require a simple internet connection for administration, updating, and reporting from our central CMS. Varito is enabling you to manage and refresh your content – as often as you wish – across your entire Digital Signage, Kiosk, and Mobile device network from your Desk.

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