Digital signage kiosk display For Education

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A single screen, a multitude of information

With Varito digital signage you can make screens that contain school announcements, image slideshows, HD videos, welcome messages and more. Using our online digital signage software and the included templates you can easily create content and upload it to your screens. All changes wirelessly update within minutes!

Control your screens

Manage your content and posts from any browser and any device and run it on any screen connected to a Windows, Android, or Chrome player. Whether you have one screen or multiple screens at various locations, Varito digital signage system allows you to update as many screens as you wish from anywhere. Schedule your screens to change automatically – choose what content to display, how often, on which date and what time.

Education Digital Signage Kiosk Display
The Varito digital signage Editor (Creative Composer) is very simple to use with a rich set of features:
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Ticket
  • Shapes & Background
  • Label
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • News RSS
  • Weather
  • Clock
  • URL
  • Text
  • Pools
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
Digital Signage Kiosk Display For Education Sector

Voice of the students

Varito digital signage polling system allows the unique experience of on-screen voting. Present any multiple choice question such as: Who should be your next Student Council President? Or what activity would you like to take place on the last day of school? Students can vote directly from their Smartphones and the results will be updated on the screen in real time.

New age of school paper

Create a fun new activity for students: An interactive Newspaper! Make them responsible for the content on the screen! Varito digital signage is so easy to use and operate, that even a school aged child can run it. Build your own screens or use one of the built-in educational templates and let students fill the screens with their own content.

Digital Signage Kiosk Display For Education

Education Digital Signage Kiosk Display in bd

What’s for lunch?

Varito digital signage offers designed and detailed digital menu board templates customizable to any cafeteria, restaurant or dining room. Just add today’s dishes, nutritional information and prices and Bon Appetit!

Digital Signage Kiosk Display for Education

Varito Digital Signage solution is an adequate and efficient replacement of static text and picture with an eye-catching display that can incorporate images, text, video, and highlight messages to create an impact. Varito Digital Signage can be reached from primary school to higher education, replacing notice boards and effectively creating ‘school or college TV.

The education sector’s Digital Signage application is endless with usage as reception areas display, canteens displays, staff room display, and multiple departments, thereby providing an effective way to communicate to students, parents, staff, and visitors.

Varito Digital Signage in schools and classrooms can help capture student attention with interactive content and help engage and motivate students. Varito Digital Signage allows engaging, dynamic, and compassionate content with Interactive kiosks enabling students, teachers, parents, and even visitors to engage and collaborate effectively. The back-end content management software helps keep information fresh, allowing automatic expiry of content and automated scheduling for content to display.

Make Faculty Communication Easier than ever

Update staff with internal message boards on policies, meetings and relevant information which can be displayed in all staff offices and meeting rooms. The Varito digital signage systems are ideally suited for keeping workers up to date, from updating staff on the latest timetables to scheduling meetings to offering information on health to safety and welfare issues.

A Good Communication among Students

  • Promote school functions such as career seminars, student groups, and sporting events
  • Organize your digital communication while still being able to give local departments entrance to certain zones on a display or department-specific displays
  • Heighten school spirit by engaging students with relevant and compelling information
  • Replace printed materials with dynamic and visually appealing content that students notice quickly.
  • Reduce printing costs and save your time by not having to print many models of an event poster or marketing material, only to have them thrown out right after the event

Keep your Faculty and Students Informed

  • Extend your digital communication to entranceways and lobbies with impressive video walls
  • Attend guest with personalized welcome messages
  • Develop new products and services in waiting areas
  • Up-sell the products and services to your clients using displays through your sales demonstrations

Places to use Digital Signage Kiosk Display

  • Exams and Results Display
  • Students Achieve Display
  • Canteen Display 
  • School Library Room
  • School Staff room 
  • Education Video wall
  • Event Announcement Display
  • School/College Way finder
  • School Interactive Kiosk

Advantages of Using Varito Digital Signage Display for Education

  • high definition and accurate, eye-catching displays on Digital Screen help get your message to teachers, students, parents, and visitors noticed more effectively.
  • The informative information and high definition video and graphics in the waiting area can reduce visitors’ perceived waiting time.

Fast and Effective Medium of Communication:

  • Provide real-time and instant mode of communication to teachers, students, parents, and visitors.
  • Instant broadcast of fixed notifications and alerts.
  • Schedule content to communicate messages at the precise time and location.
  • Integrate event schedules and information.

Interactive Kiosks Display:

  • Interactive Visitor Management Kiosk at the reception can provide a self-sign-in screen for visitors to register their arrival. The host is notified of the arrival instantly upon registration.
  • Interactive discovery stations allow visitors to browse through campus facilities.
  • Interactive kiosks installed at various key locations on the campus can be used for students and faculty to engage in surveys, check-in for events, obtain campus updates, fill applications for student clubs, reserve books in the library, etc. The possibilities are only unlimited.

Those kiosks that are assisting us in everyday life:

Departmental Store Digital Signage: Improve Marketing, Increase Operational Efficiency, Create best Display Experience Ever.

Specialty Store Digital Signage: Promote Niche Product Upsell Services, Grow Customer Loyalty

Small Retailer Digital Signage: Raise Brand Awareness, Spotlight Sales, Enhance Product Promotions

Digital Signage for Malls: Tenant Directory Listings Food Court Menus, Current Advertisements

Discount Store Digital Signage: Blow-Out Exclusive Specials, Digital Coupons, Current Advertisement, Promo Code Offers.

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