Floor Standing Digital signage Display- Advertisement Kiosk

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Floor Standing Digital signage Display- Advertisement Kiosk

50 Inch Touch Floor Standing Digital Signage Display

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15.6 Inch Floor Stand Digital Signage Display

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LCD Advertisement Display Signage with Brochure

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Dual Screen Digital Signage Display

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55 Inch Non-Touch Free Standing Display Signage Kiosk

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50 Inch Non-Touch Floor Standing Digital Signage Display

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55 Inch Touch Free Standing Display signage Kiosk

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Floor Standing LCD Digital signage Display Solutions in Bangladesh:

Floor Standing LCD Digital signage Display is a type of silver casting. This is also known as interactive signage. The system is used for information and publication purposes, where video or multimedia material is displayed in public places. In a digital signage system, a computer or playback device is usually composed of a digital sign that is connected to a big, bright digital screen such as a plasma or an LCD. This is why one can call it a digital signage monitor also.

Top Floor Standing Digital Signage Display price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
50 Inch Touch Floor Standing Digital Display signage 1,25,000 – 1,65,000
15.6 Inch Floor Stand Digital Signage Display 45,000 – 85,000
LCD Advertisement Display Signage with Brochure 1,25,000 – 1,65,000
Dual Screen Digital Signage Display 3,25,000 – 5,65,000
55 Inch Non-Touch Free Standing Display Signage Kiosk 1,35,000 – 1,75,000
50 Inch Non-Touch Floor Standing Digital Signage Display 1,05,000 – 1,65,000
55 Inch Touch Free Standing Display signage Kiosk 1,25,0000 – 1,65,000

Floor Standing LCD Digital signage Display screen holds a broad usage within supermarkets, colleges, offices, medical centers, bookstores, airports, bus and train stations, banks, car shops and other public places. The information shown on the screen can be modified in real-time using an internet connection or a network link.

Digital signage is the name of a digital screen or projector of any sort of size – from tablets to massive stadium screens – displaying customized contents from an enterprise for consumer information and convictions. An organization can utilize these for-

  • Product Information
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • News and Announcements
  • Menu and ordering information

Advantages of using Floor Standing LCD Digital signage Display:

In this modern business era, customers are technologically oriented and sophistical as ever, and shopping habits surely changed. Online content is now a trustworthy source as shoppers explore new shopping or look for the best price. Digital content influences our shopping and buying destinations, and knowledgeable entrepreneurs change their companies to find the most effective ways to interact with their customers. Effective communication is one of the major benefits of digital signage. GCTL LED has figured out the core beneficial aspects of using a digital signage monitor. Let’s give these a look-

  • Time Oriented Sensitive Ads- Newspaper advertisements have a lead time of at least six weeks, which is still longer applicable for most restaurant franchise firms. Nevertheless, digital signage tv is linked to the Internet, making it as convenient as social media posts to carry out new ads. It means also:
  1. You can run feeds from social media, weather, blog posts – anything you can do on a website.
  2. You can perform highly relevant local ads.
  • Attractive Display- Digital signage monitor is one of the most adaptable types of advertising and a virtual assurance that your target audience can see within your post. The same digital interface may be used by traders to manipulate consumer behaviors through eye-catching displays and the introduction of products or services, eventually contributing to sales and profit margins.
  • A limited Cost- It may be costly to install digital signages, but you can save costs by reducing printing and administration costs in the long run. Digital signage is generally deemed a one-time expense as a capital investment and results from the operating budget rather than your marketing budget. Any printing costs are even better.

In a central location, digital management can be done by an individual. You will then renew them all at once if you own the accessories. Digital signage is at a glance:

  1. It’s faster and simpler.
  2. Make brand experience across franchises with more consistency.
  3. It is easier to comply with existing rules.
  • It Helps to boost your Social Media Presence- Business owners generally use social networks to drive business repetition, raise brand knowledge, generate new customers and to make a deal with customer satisfaction problems. With digital signage, stores can generate additional sales revenue, recruit new people for their loyalty programs, even show digital support from Facebook, Twitter and other websites, such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and more. In this respect, customers receive thousands of new information. 

Digital Signage Types:

Digital advertising is now the latest way to support companies. The items digitally draw new generations closer to the business. Digital signage are born because of that reason in a sense. It has been designed to attract wider audiences to a broader range of marketing and promotion. This approach is attractive to many people, particularly to new generations.

You have to opt for digital signage if you want your company to touch a wide range of customers. It would help if you kept up with the trend and your rivals. It’s the most recent marketing phenomenon in which you won’t be left behind.

There you can select from the various kinds of digital signage available on the market- 

  • Interactive Floor Standing Display Interactive floor standing displays between 32 and 55 inches are free-standing digital towers. Such screens enable consumer experiences. These are usually used to help consumers shop, pick, and even order items that are not available in the store that day. 

These interactive displays benefit the consumer directly and encourage much customer interaction, which can increase the effectiveness of the branding that you already have.

  • Interactive Digital Kiosk- Another digital signage type made to help your business display marketing content is the interactive digital kiosk displays. By playing videos, music and display promotions, the consumer is drawn to attention. 

However, the creation of signs that do not become part of the daily “noise” consumer is one of the greatest challenges in the signs industry. Interactive digital stands serve to attract the customer’s attention without feeling annoyed about a marketing approach.

  • A Frame Digital Signage- Digital signage A-frame displays are optical posters standalone systems. They operate like normal poster owners, except that they are much more user-friendly and helpful to your client. They provide valuable information and attract the consumer’s attention to making the shopping experience more positive, allowing the retention rate for the customers to increase. You can adjust the view of posters at any point so that you can pass on several waves of information on a single button to your customers. They are easy to move and can fit anywhere in your shop.

Mobile Displays- Mobile displays have the same purpose as A-frame screens but on wheels. They are the digital screens that are easiest to carry. You can move these from place to place and show essential details to familiarize your clients. They are also perfect options for trade shows because they are so easy to bring.

Free Standing LCD Signage- Digital stand-alone screens generally installed on the floor. The LCD stands upright. This type of digital LCD signage can obstruct people’s passages, but it will catch all of the passers-by ‘s attention.

It may be interactive sometimes with LCD monitors using the touch screen. This purpose makes this sign ideal for the construction of kiosks and places for long periods staying.

  • Wall Mounted Digital Signage- The system is fixed to the wall. The ceiling-mounted systems are both less obstructive and less attractive in many cases. Typically relay knowledge is the most common use of this kind of smart signage. People don’t look up all the time, but they seem to look for any direction if they need any detail.

This kind of digital signage is the least favored because it is easily overlooked due to its position. This is why common ceiling-mounted signages are not used for displaying information or direction on a large scale.

  • Outdoor Digital Signage- Installation of outdoor signage is a bit complicated. As it is wireless and has to be installed outdoors, it must be placed in a waterproof enclosure, fitted with an excellent cooling system and ventilation.

Digital billboards are used for outdoor signage most of the time. It is also called digital billboards for the same reason. It also costs a lot and has restrictions. That is why advertisers concentrate on single advertisements that reach large audiences for a long time. This form of signage is recommended only to large corporations for the reasons given. It’s almost like signage digital Tv. 

  • Indoor Digital Signage- You can adjust promotional material in a way that attracts the public at any time if you choose this kind of post. Any format, such as Social Media, live TV, RSS feeds and other things, can be shown.

In addition to showcasing goods and entertainment, owners publish their customers’ messages or notifications using this website. It makes interactive signage for the indoor audience exciting and informative.

  • Digital Menu- The digital menus will give your customer a hassle-free experience to offer your products and services. This sign is famous in bars and restaurants. They post their lists to provide more visibility into what they sell to their customers.

The owner can always and anywhere upgrade the board to new prices and products. Group owners using interactive menu panels save a lot of print time. The new knowledge or product can be easily and rapidly modified as soon as it is available.

What sectors can benefit from Digital Signage?

  • Hospitality – In lobby areas, Wayfinding points, special presentations, actions
  • Retail – checkout line, Service section, visual product data, storefronts and window layout screens
  • Restaurants – Menu boards, offers, message
  • Healthcare – Wayfinding points, check-in areas, check-up rooms.
  • Libraries – event calendars, Service centres, promotions
  • Airports/Train/Bus stations – menu boards, wayfinding points, product data.


What is digital signage Display?

Digital signage is a centrally controlled, content distribution platform by which to playback digital content to one or many displays or screens. ... 'Digital signage is best explained as a form of electronic display that shows television programming, menus, information, advertising, and other messages.

Why is digital signage important?

Digital signage is a valuable tool for businesses because it conveys important messages, in-store specials, promotions or advertising directly to patrons during a critical moment—while they are contemplating making a purchase.

How Effective digital signage?

Here is some statistic which shows how effective is digital signage: Digital menu boards can boost overall sales by 3% to 5%. (source. Digital signage reduces the perceived wait time at checkouts by as much as 35%

What are the advantage of digital signage?

Digital signage benefits companies by cutting the costs of the logistics and storage of these marketing materials, which not only reduces spending, but also saves time. By saving on printing and material costs, businesses can focus on churning out high-quality content and graphics, instead

What does Digital Signage do?

Digital signage is a centrally controlled, content distribution platform by which to playback digital content to one or many displays or screens. Digital signage screens can be used for the relaying of any number of types of information; live weather, news, TV, menus, flights, calendars, adverts for example.

What is the difference between a display and a TV?

More functionality comes from a television than from a commerical display. ... The most obvious difference is the presence (or lack of) a TV tuner. A Television features a built-in tuner, whereas a commercial display screen doesn't.


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