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One solution, a multitude of options

Using NoviSign full suite of lobby digital signage tools, you can make dynamic content featuring your company’s vision, customer reviews, personalized greetings, daily schedules and more.

Complete control

From any computer at any time make edits and updates to all of your digital signage for lobby screens at anytime from anywhere. NoviSign’s lobby digital signage can run on any Chrome OS, Android or Windows media player. Using the included scheduling and playlist modules, you can preschedule welcome slides and other media to automatically play on specific dates and times.

Drag & Drop Widgets

Anyone with any background can quickly create lobby digital signage content. Using the included drag-and-widgets, you can create dynamic messaging that includes:

  • RSS News Feeds
  • YouTube
  • Ustream
  • Webpages
  • Google Slides and Spreadsheets
  • HD Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows and Presentations
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yammer
  • Weather, Date and Clock
  • Scrolling Tickers
  • Shapes and Backgrounds
  • Interactive Polls
Lobby Digital Signage Kiosk Display in bd

Digital Directories

Use a digital directory to provide your guests with valuable building information and wayfinding directions. Digital Directories can be used to modernize your lobby with crisp and clean HD graphics and media. Digital Directories are the perfect lobby digital signage tool for organizations that want to create a colorful and media-rich presentation that welcomes visitors while enhancing experiences.

  • Add employee and tenant listing using their corporate logos, names and description
  • Share leasing opportunities with images and contact information
  • Display building images, local news feeds and weather forecasts
  • Incorporate customized welcome notifications
  • Combine YouTube videos and playlists of live news channels

A Total Lobby Digital Signage Solution

From event directories to information displays, using NoviSign’s lobby digital signage users can create, maintain and push out updates within minutes. Quickly and easily create your digital signage for lobbies content from the included customizable templates or design one from scratch! From adding multiple zones of company information to adding engaging media slideshows of videos, text, images and PowerPoint slides, NoviSign lobby digital signage is a fun and unique solution for managing your lobbies signage!


Lobby Digital Signage Kiosk Display

Modernize Your Building with Digital Signage for Lobbies

Because your corporate lobby is the first thing that visitors see upon entering your building, it is vital that the first perception is positive and welcoming. By taking advantage of lobby digital signage, your organization will be able to broadcast the right information and the right to time quickly. From adding special guest welcome messages, to listing company case study videos, digital signage for lobbies will take your lobby to the next level!

lobby digital signage kiosks in Bangladesh

Lobbies are an ideal landscape for Varito digital signage. It is the first thing guests see when they walk through your doors and the last thing they see before leaving, so it’s essential you make a lasting impression. 

Varito Lobby signage allows businesses to do just this, taking the once dull and motionless waiting room experience and turning it into something very memorable and dynamic. Be it digital signage displays, interactive kiosks, or a combination of both, more businesses are employing digital signage solutions into the waiting room space – and reaping the advantages.

Varito Lobby signage is not limited to any specific industry; any business that has a message to share and a waiting area in which to share it can take benefit of this technology.

 Restaurants can use Varito lobby signage to greet incoming guests, hotels to serve as a virtual concierge, offices to display blazed messaging, and provide entertainment as patrons wait to be welcomed, the list goes on and on. No matter the industry, Varito digital signage is a powerful tool for sharing your message.

Why do you need to use Digital Signage Kiosk Display? 

Reduced overhead Cost:
The highest cost to many businesses is training and paying workers, and this is why you should take precedence of automation at every opportunity. Depending on your niche, you may have previously noticed the implementation of touch screen kiosks at supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, and malls.

Improved customer experience:
Many consumers prefer the convenience of kiosks as they get to shop, gather information, schedule appointments, or make payments. Customers never feel the pressure of a salesman trying to up-sell or have to deal with a cashier making mistakes at checkout. For many people, using a kiosk is superior to waiting in line for a turn to speak with a sales clerk, receptionist, or customer service.

Increased sales:
If growing sales don’t grab your interest as an owner, then what will? Many clients often walk into a business without an accurate idea of what they’re looking for, and that’s where kiosks are handy. As a client is using the kiosk, you can promote and recommend various products and services during browsing.

Where to Use Digital Signage Kiosk Display? 

Digital Directories: Add your facility map, team directory with contact information.

General News: Include national traffic reports, news, and weather local forecasts

Company History: Incorporate your company mission statement, timeline, and values

Public Information: Share company news, new products, accomplishments, and services

Welcome Notifications: Spotlight special guests and clients with custom messages and greetings

Brand Communications: Show-off company social media streams, success stories, and company videos

Advantages of Using Digital Signage Display for Lobbies:

It Shows That You are Caring for them

When a business can utterly personalize an experience, it’s won over the client. Hotels are using interactive signage to give local attraction information, suggest unique dining events, and offer guests the option to post images of themselves having excitement during their stay.

While attraction and dining data can be found by requesting Siri or Cortana on any of our phones, hotels want to pull travelers out of their rooms and into the heart of their institution: the hotel lobby.

 Informing and Inspiring your clients

Digital signage has been a component of the college experience since the early 2000s. Formerly utilized for PowerPoint presentations and to inform their students and faculty of time-sensitive information, the digital signs proved vital in the more populated areas on campus.

Today we continue to deliver that same information and then some broadcasting emergency information, class changes, and even interactive touch screen map to help newer students find their way around.

Selling Homes and Properties effortlessly

Realtors and agents are growing into the digital industry quicker than ever. While traditional RS (real estate) publications still grace magazine clips in broker offices, digital signage kiosks are fast taking their place.

Before a client even enters the back office of an agent, they can first see what homes are for sale in their area. The signs or kiosks give more than just representation.

Lobbies are an ideal landscape for digital signage:

There are a number of ways businesses can use lobby signage. It’s important first to consider what it is you want to achieve through this technology. Setting specific goals will make choosing a signage type easier and influence the kind of content displayed. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, you could use a digital screen to showcase your company culture, display company data, facts, and statistics, link to your social media platforms, or highlight staff members. If your goal is to provide convenience such as wayfinding or information services to your customers, you might consider interactive digital signage or a self-service kiosk. Those who want to take interaction one step further can offer a QR code, which will allow visitors to engage with the content directly through their phones.

There are numerous ways businesses can benefit from a successful digital signage strategy. Lobby signage can help streamline costs by giving businesses the ability to make more efficient use of staff and increase revenue by creating additional points-of-purchase capable of up-selling and cross-selling. But perhaps most notably, lobby signage can significantly improve the customer experience. It provides businesses an opportunity to engage customers in new and valuable ways and offers a more personalized overall experience. Through lobby signage, businesses begin creating a connection with its visitors the moment they walk through the door before they even shake a hand or say hello. It is this kind exceptional customer service that leads to repeat business, a loyal brand following, and a successful company.

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