Advertising Led Display Screen

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Advertising Led Display Screen

GCTL LED is professional Indoor/Outdoor LED display Supplier and service provider in Bangladesh. The design has the features of “LIGHT”,”THIN”, “STABLE”, convenient installation, withstand wind, dust and water proof. We welcome & accept your customization LED display project.

P4/P6/P8/P10 Outdoor LED Display

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P1.5/P2.5/P3/P4/Indoor LED Display

To know more about Super Market Signage Display click learn more.

Top P2.5/P6/P8/P10 LED Display price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
P4/P6/P8/P10 Outdoor LED Display 4,50,000 – 15,50,000
P1.5/P2.5/P3/P4/Indoor LED Display 4,50,000 – 15,50,000

Advertising Led Display Screen in Bangladesh

Experience unmatched contrast, brightness, & color compared to projection or display walls. Varito LED technology surpasses projection in houses of worship throughout the country because of its ability to deliver a seamless picture to any size and shape, even curved.

LED displays look unique even in high ambient light environments, and Varito LED Display content looks excellent from every angle. With Varito LED Video Wall Display, performers can’t inadvertently cast shadows on the image or get temporarily blinded by the projector beam.

Head-to-head, LED brightness every time wins the attention of the audience over projection and LCD video walls. LEDs provide the light and the color source in one diode; LED displays are the only type of display that offers true black.

Give your Messages a Life with Leading Digital Signage Display Screen

Deliver high-impact messaging with HDR technology on our IF Series. That optimizes color, brightness, and image quality for a more realistic viewing experience. Dynamic peaking elevates the grayscale, ensuring clear and accurate pictures, even in low light settings. More profound contrast provides darker blacks and brighter whites. Varito LED displays use self-illumination and high accuracy pixel pitches to deliver an exceptional, consistent viewing experience even at close range and over time.

Hassle-free installation & maintenance LED Display Digital Screen | P4 LED Display Screen

Varito LED screens are engineered for hassle-free installation and are easy to maintain with full front and rear access to the display, decreasing potential repair costs. A slim design built for actual compact spaces can reduce the need for extra wall construction, helping to reduce overall implementation expenses. Plus, a single S-Box supports UHD content through multiple screens, so you can forgo expensive external boxes to present messaging.

Reliable and Affordable Price Range from Advertising LED Display Screen – Importer, Distributor, Seller

Varito LED displays to deliver ease of use and manageability with up to 100,000 hours of service life with 24/7 operation. They achieve uninterrupted performance and continue energy-efficient with a cabinet featuring advanced temperature. The fan less design helps increase their lifespan, minimizing the impact of dust and rigid particle exposure. Plus, the LED Signage Manager (LSM) assists you in identifying common performance errors and avoiding visual disruptions. Being a Distributor and seller of Varito LED digitals panels in Bangladesh, GCTL LED is working always to provide the best signage displays for the people. 

LED vs. LCD video walls

With Light-Emitting Diode (LED) displays, observers look directly at the tiny LEDs creating the visuals, compared to Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), which use LED to illustrate the liquid crystal display layer around the edges. With a fine pixel pitch technology, LED displays can show up to Full HD viewing quality from just 10 feet away. Connected with the lack of visible gaps when fitting modules together, compared to the bezels on LCDs, you get a perfect video wall solution for your business.

Why choose the Varito Outdoor Advertising Led Display Screen?

Most organizations are using this LED display panel system as it is a considerable investment that serves the purpose of numerous displays by presenting a single display that is quite convenient to use. So, while a LED Display panel performs like a single display, the technology behind it is far more complex and powerful. Varito complete LED Display panel can deliver flexibility and excellent performance that is not possible with the essential solutions.

Types of LED Displays available in Bangladesh 

Indoor LED Display 

The number of uses for Varito indoor LED Display solutions boards is constantly growing. Clients are using them for revenue production, logistics, visual merchandising, lyric screens, branding, etc. Our vast array of Varito indoor LED Display panels allow us to make even the most creative ideas a reality. We can assist you with traditional LED video walls, airy designs, 360-degree seamless displays, and LED ceilings & floors.

Indoor LED Display | Indoor LED advertising screens

Varito Outdoor LED Display can scale an entire building’s side or can be used in a more traditional LED billboard setting. Our outdoor LED Displays can be used for much more than just advertising, such as focal points to drive community engagement in apartment complexes or amphitheaters. Our outdoor advertising LED Display products are built to withstand the most adverse weather conditions.

HD Digital Display Board

Full HD or 4K LED Sign Boards allow for boundless opportunities to create a truly immersive space. Our rental LED display panels are engineered for performance with Ultra High-Resolution pitches, pixel calibration, etc. For applications outside the 16:9 ratio, we have a high-resolution flexible LED module that provides creative freedom.

Curved LED Digital Signage

We excel in creating non-traditional LED Digital Signage. Our products are lightweight and built to curve for seamless convex or concave LED designs where traditional digital display boards will not work. These panels are the perfect solution for backdrops, tunnels, or cylindrical applications.

Transparent Advertising LED Display

Varito transparent LED Display panels are 65-75% transparent and can be placed in a window without sacrificing natural light in your space. Their slim design and high brightness can compete with direct sunlight while giving you the ability to create a dynamic experience for your customers before entering your location and can use it as an advertising display screen everywhere.

Our Products

Outdoor P4 P5 P6 P8 LED Display Module

  • Product Origin: Germany
  • Item NO.: P4 /P5 /P6 /P8 /P10 
  • Color: Customized Color
  • Lead Time: 5-12 working days 

Varito Outdoor programmable LED Sign Panel Screen Advantage: 

Varito LED pole advertising screen Cabinet structure is lightweight and consists of some basic standardization: as adopting a high strength metal process, achieving high precision, and other outstanding features. You can get a uniform image picture with high refresh frequency and an absolute gray level to realize the vivid effect.

With Varito Led display a fast installation is possible through the connecting plate. Outdoor p4 p6 p8 p10 led modules would not occur the extrusion and deformation phenomenon between the existing modules. When the pixel pitch high brightness then outdoor message display system transportation traffic digital signs led screen is working under the high and low temperatures.

P1.5/P2.5/P3/P4/Indoor LED Display

  • Product Origin: Germany
  • Item NO.: P1.5/P2.5/P3/P4
  • Color: Customized Color 
  • Lead Time: 12-15 working days

Varito Indoor LED Display Advantage: 

  • Large LED screen display acted as a high-end indoor screen. Can be used in the various types of indoor places, such as high-end conference rooms, families, halls, cinemas, theatres, lounge, stations, etc 
  • P1.5/P2.5/P3 /P4 indoor LED displays use the latest generation of technology, the pixel dots here to each square metres of 16 million points, can have reached or even surpassed the TV wall splicing of pixels, and rely on seamless mosaic of LED display screen.
  • The varito LED display screen is easy to use, convenient installation, a new generation of P2.5/P3/P4 LED display, visual distance will be further enhanced, you completely can close viewing clarity.

P2.5/P6/P8/P10 LED Display Price in Bangladesh

GCTL LED is a professional Indoor/Outdoor LED display Supplier and Importer in Bangladesh. The design has the features of “LIGHT”,” THIN ”, “STABLE ”, convenient installation, withstand wind, dust and waterproof. We welcome & accept your customization LED display project.

Items Latest Price
P4/P6/P8/P10 Outdoor LED Display 4,50,000 – 15,50,000
P1.5/P2.5/P3/P4/Indoor LED Display 4,50,000 – 15,50,000



What does LED display mean?

light-emitting diode display
LED Display (light-emitting diode display) is a screen display technology that uses a panel of LEDs as the light source. Currently, a large number of electronic devices, both small and large, use LED display as a screen and as an interaction medium between the user and the system.

What is the difference between LCD and LED display?

What's the Difference Between LCD and LED? LCD stands for “liquid crystal display” and technically, both LED and LCD TVs are liquid crystal displays. LED, which stands for “light emitting diodes,” differs from general LCD TVs in that LCDs use fluorescent lights while LEDs use those light emitting diodes.

How do LED displays work?

An LED screen is actually an LCD screen, but instead of having a normal CCFL backlight, it uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a source of light behind the screen. An LED is more energy efficient and a lot smaller than a CCFL, enabling a thinner television screen. ... There have been prototypes of real LED TVs.

Which is good for eyes LCD or LED?

Compared to LCD screens, the LED wins in terms of energy savings. LED monitors also offer faster refresh rates, improved clarity, and better color quality than LCD monitors. ... Winner: The cold cathode lighting technology used in LCD screens can be hard on the eyes, which is why we recommended LED monitors over LCD.

What is the basic principle of LED?

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a basic pn-junction diode, which emits light when activated. When a fitting voltage is applied to the leads, electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photons.

What is the purpose of LED?

LED. Stands for "Light-Emitting Diode." An LED is an electronic device that emits light when an electrical current is passed through it. The energy efficient nature of LEDs allows them to produce brighter light than other types of bulbs while using less energy.


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