All-In-One Interactive Display Panel

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All-In-One Interactive Display Panel

85 inch Interactive Display Panel

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75 inch Interactive Display Panel TV

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65 inch All-in-One Interactive Display Panel

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Top All-In-One Interactive Display Panel price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
85 inch Interactive Display Panel 4,80,000 – 5,80,000
75 inch Interactive Display Panel TV 3,80,000 – 4,90,000
65 inch All-in-One Interactive Display Panel 2,50,000 – 3,50,000

interactive flat panel display in Bangladesh 

Varito Interactive Flat-Panel Display (IFPD) is a type of large-format touchscreen display ideal for meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. It is a replacement for clunky or outdated projector technology with a higher-quality display, increased connectivity, and some built-in software solutions.

These solutions are perfect for business opportunities, advanced educational achievements, and even at home leisure. With an interactive flat-panel display, you will get an excellent screen resolution, built-in software, etc. 

Learn more about Varito interactive flat-panel displays below. Or see our flagship corporate display here.                                             

Here’s the quick answer: it’s a regular office display solution that will make everyone love meetings repeatedly.

In a nutshell, an IFPD or Interactive Flat Panel Display – is a sort of interactive whiteboard (IWB). An IWB is a large electronic display with a touchscreen and can access, manipulate, and interact with electronic files. In essence, it’s a giant tablet Pc that you can use to present or collaborate. At GCTL LED we have been working as Importer and Importer of Varito Interactive Flat Panel display in Bangladesh.

A Next-Gen smart board interactive flat panel Office Display Solution

The next generation of digital technologies is truly transforming the way people work altogether. After nearly half a decade’s worth of rapid digitization, leaders are now turning their sights on their meeting rooms. As a result, the way they conduct meetings is about to undergo an exciting transformation.

And, like any other great leap forward, it’s a transformation that hinges upon having the right technology. This technological evolution is where the IFPD comes in.

What Is Touch screen interactive flat panel Display?

Interactive Flat Panel Displays allow you to run your meetings and presentations with the freedom and convenience your team needs to do their best work. 

These displays ` easily and beautifully handle today’s office space’s highly collaborative needs with 20 points of touch and wide viewing angles. With options for ultra-fine 4K resolution and the ability to present a surprisingly natural handwriting experience, IFPDs support communication and collaboration in ways never before possible in the meeting room.

What Advantages do Varito Interactive Display Panel Offer Over Traditional Whiteboards?

  • You no longer have to buy expensive projector lamps and experience unexpected burnouts.
  • Shadowing on a projected image is eliminated.
  • Projector light shining in users’ eyes, stopped.
  • Maintenance to change the filters on a projector, eliminated.
  • Many units are available with an optional built-in PC, making a true “All in One” system.
  • The display will not be washed out by the sun or ambient light.
  • A much clearer and crisp image than a projector is capable of producing.
  • Less wiring than a traditional interactive system.
  • More durable surface than conventional whiteboards.

How Can Varito 55,65,86-inch interactive display Make Business Meetings Better?

Fast-changing working processes in the office put a premium on technology that can keep pace. Teams need resources that assist them in collaborating, being productive, and becoming ever more efficient. Here are some ways that Varito IFPDs can help:

– Faster Setup Time.

– More ports on the Board IFPD device (including USB).

– It’s a type of technology That Works Beautifully with a Modular Office Design.

– More connectivity options for users.

– No projector wires to connect.

The new way of working and unique office design priorities often calls for a dynamic office space. Office layouts that are “movable” can transform to fit the teams’ needs like large conference areas and small huddle rooms.

Varito IFPDs can go anywhere as your space evolves, scales, or shrinks. With an optional trolley cart, they can even move around, so they’re ready for service in any building location.

It’s Technology That’s Huddle Room-Ready interactive flat panel education

Old projector tech was challenging to use in small rooms, not so with IFPDs like Boards. Great teamwork requires the right environment. Sometimes, that environment is a huddle room where coworkers can brainstorm in a more casual space.

IFPDs enable highly efficient collaboration in any sized-space. Participants easily interact with each other and the content from the huddle room or from anywhere else.

Everyone in the Room Can See the smart interactive flat panel

Even in the smallest conference room, nobody has a bad seat with distorted viewing angles due to being too close to the screen. Not only are viewing angles optimized but also pixels and brightness, so everyone gets a clear view even in a huddle.

Varito Digital Interactive Flat Panel Display for Education

With their intuitive interface and versatile software, Varito interactive panels empower a new generation of teaching and learning. Simple to install and easy to use, these panels offer real-world educational solutions based on more than 30,000 hours of hands-on real classroom experience.

If you have a personal application, use it. Need this to connect with a Mac one day and a computer the next? Go right ahead. If you’d prefer to use the panel’s bundled software options, click over the icons—they’re ready to go. Our touch screen displays feature a familiar interface that complements your teaching style without competing for your class’s attention.

Get Everyone Involved with Whole-Class Learning

Some students thrive in the classroom. And some process material better when they get home. Since educator’s design, Varito products for educators, our interactive devices, and software solutions enhance your ability to engage various learning styles.

Interactive Innovation Inspired by Real-world Experience

Connect with specific students through one-to-one device sharing. Catch their collective imagination with interactive group learnings around a convertible mobile stand. It Encourages learning outside the classroom by recording video teachings students can access from their home. These days every feature of Varito interactive panels has been extended to meet specific educational needs and needs we discovered by consulting with teachers and administrators worldwide.

Digital Interactive Flat Panel Display for Retail

From the classrooms to the retail industry, Varito interactive displays have transformed the way we learn and communicate. On retail, these interactive displays are a tool that has been used for several years to significant effect. Amongst other ways, they have been used: 

• to grab the awareness of people passing by 

• to show the newest in-store arrivals 

• to educate people on how to use the goods 

• to enhance the consumer service experience. 

These are also used as part of self-service kiosks, where consumers can complete a check out on the spot without requiring any staff, in the same way, they would complete a review online. Finally, interactive displays are also being used to build a more intimate and immersive retail experience for consumers, allowing store companies to explore the possibilities the product offers before purchasing decisions. As this could take the form of interactive mirror touch-screens that can auto generate recommendations based on what items the customer is trying on.

Varito Digital Interactive flat panel Display price in Bangladesh

Varito Interactive flat panels enhance the effectiveness of the business, retail, public organization tasks, and teaching process. All the information relating to any precise lesson can be made available on the interactive flat panel, complete with charts, graphs, tables, and other visual aids. It helps people take the potentiality through digital blessings more effectively and quickly, without missing any essential points. Bangladesh has been growing rapidly through its own technological power and GCTL LED is bringing the opportunity through this race. We are working as sellers and also, we are partnering with numerous digital Interactive panel companies in Bangladesh. Let’s have a quick look over the available price tags of-

Items Latest Price
85 inch Interactive Display Panel 4,80,000 – 5,80,000
75 inch Interactive Display Panel TV 3,80,000 – 4,90,000
65 inch All-in-One Interactive Display Panel 2,50,000 – 3,50,000


What is an interactive display?

An interactive display is a mounted device that enables users to make vibrant visual presentations and control on-screen data through digital touchscreen interactions.

What is interactive touch screen?

Interactive touch screen displays have an inherent ability to bolster active learning. (Provided teachers use them for more than showing videos and slides). It's one of the greatest advantages these dynamic devices bring to the classroom. As the name implies, active learning is learning through engaging with content.

How much is an interactive whiteboard?

A full size interactive whiteboard would range from $1000-3000, however, you then need to add the cost of a projector on top of this.

How do interactive displays work?

What is an Interactive Display? Interactive Displays with their onboard computer systems allow you to use technology at the touch of your fingertips. ... If you want to pull up files from a team member's device, you can connect their device to the Interactive Display using WIPS (Wireless Interactive Presentation System).

What is interactive flat panel display?

Interactive flat panel display are exactly what they sound like—displays that you can interact with, similar to a smartphone screen, but much larger. Higher resolutions are helping flat panel displays edge-out whiteboards in the interactive display market

What is the difference between interactive whiteboard and Smartboard?

Most recent answer. A white board is merely a board that can be used for writing, but an interactive white board is used to interact with the computer. For example, the contents written on an interactive white board can be stored for future use.


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