Digital signage kiosk display For Cinema hall

Build your bottom line with digital guest personalization, insights and suggestive sell

Cinema Hall Digital Signage Kiosk Display

Better Experience. Higher Profits.

Incorporating digital signage Kiosk Display into your cinema lobby delivers a more dynamic and engaging experience while setting your theater apart from the rest. Displaying dynamic movie posters beckons consumers back, while digital menu boards help drive the selection of high margin items. GCTL is Best Digital signage kiosk display For Cinema hall Seller in Bangladesh.

Efficiency Matters

What’s the cost of updating weekly changes in the box office? Eliminate human error and inefficient systems with digital signage. Not only are digital signage kiosk efficient, they’re eye catching too!

Digital Cinema Hall Signage

Digital signage kiosk display For Cinema hall

Public displays are always able to offer customer details in a friendly way: they’re also accessible for an operator to handle. They can be used for reading customer messages, for feedback in conference rooms, or information about the day’s menu. You don’t have to put paper sheets on the walls because you have sleek displays that are easy to refresh. At GCTL LED we manufacture, mount and maintain digital signage systems for cinema halls. Through digital signage installed in your movie theater lobby, your theater can provide you with a more immersive and engaging experience. The viewing of interactive film posters attracts buyers, while digitized menu boards help drive high margin item selection

“Frequently promote Upcoming Movies, Increase Audience engagement and Earn Added revenue with advertising”

Its Reliable, Its Quick and Its not Expensive 

Film theater is a place where the best use can be made of digital signage. From film posters to the item prices at the cafe, the screens can be easily controlled, and notifications can be rendered instantly as needed.

The theaters, which are very difficult to handle, are saved by the constant print expense of color movie posters.

Keep Your Audience Informed about the Upcoming Film

Digital Signage solution is an ideal way for the guests to be aware of the coming films, new cinema services, and even input on the reviews of recent theatrical movies.

Movie fans are still interested in watching the trailers of the upcoming films or in knowing which critics are here for watching the film. Digital signs are a simple and economical way to highlight the opportunities. 

Enhance Movie Watching Experience

Through digital signage installed in your movie theatre lobby, your theatre can provide you with a more immersive and engaging experience. The viewing of interactive film posters attracts buyers, while digitized menu boards help drive high margin item selection. 

We will assist you in deploying walls of social media to generate awareness around films and events. By selling ad space to local businesses and vendors, films can generate additional revenues. Virtually infinite is the added value of digital signage in movie theaters.

“Let your viewers know about the upcoming films through eye-catchy digital movie posters “

Digital Cinema Hall Signage Helps to Boost your Revenue

Advertisements can be shown efficiently to keep consumers interested over time or waiting times, and are an additional source of income for both the promoter and the theatre providers.

Concession items can also be sold at the theaters and marketed with digital signage efficiently. Menu items can be changed quickly by digital signs, and even the order value can be increased.

How Varito Digital Signage Kiosk Display Can help?

  • Substitute the paper posters with digital signs and get rid of manual printing
  • Drag the multitudes of film-lovers into better facilities.
  • Show ads and generate additional sales.
  • Improve the customer experience to invite them back to the theatre
  • Hold clients updated about the new theater facilities.

“One Solution Multiple Usage- Varito Digital Signage Kiosk Display”

Why Varito Digital Signage Kiosk Display? 

Varito Digital Signage Kiosk Display can help theaters slash costs significantly as the advertising charges on posters are reduced. The displays can be used for numerous applications, which in effect leads to cost savings for many purposes. Our customers prefer Varito Digital Signage Display cause- 

  • It’s simple, secure and easy to operate
  • It enhances the experience of the user and makes movie trailers more visual.
  • It gives the theatre many ways to produce more profits.
  • The display works as an excellent draw for movies as they have a more substantial promotional and trailer experience.
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