Outdoor Digital Signage Display

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Outdoor Digital Signage Display

IP6 Advertising LCD Outdoor Signage Kiosk

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Outdoor Digital Signage Display

LCD Advertisement Outdoor Signage Display

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Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Wall Mount Outdoor LCD Advertisement Display

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Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Dual Sided Outdoor LCD Advertisement Display

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Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Weather Proof LCD Display Signage

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Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Top Outdoor Digital Signage Display price list in Bangladesh

Items Latest Price
IP6 Advertising LCD Outdoor Signage Kiosk 3,80,000 – 5,50,000
LCD Advertisement Outdoor Signage Display 3,80,000 – 5,50,000
Wall Mount Outdoor LCD Advertisement Display 3,80,000 – 5,50,000
Dual Sided Outdoor LCD Advertisement Display 3,80,000 – 5,50,000
Weather Proof LCD Display Signage 3,80,000 – 5,50,000

Outdoor Digital Signage Display Kiosk

Varito offers a whole range of exterior digital solutions, including fantastic tablet-style wall-mounted digital displays and freestanding digital emblems. With IP65 ratings overall, our range of outdoor digital signs can withstand all sorts of weather conditions and keep the dust out for full professional quality and commercial longevity.

Our external digital signage range is vandal-proof and thanks to thermally toughened glass, mild steel casings, and a tamper-proof design with no types of external controls. It contains high brightness panels with anti-reflective glass around; content stays vibrant even it’s in the direct sunlight. Its available with either plug and play technology for quick and straightforward content or net-workable solutions where content can be refreshed frequently and updated remotely, we offer flexible solutions fitting for almost any commercial application

Heightened audience engagement Kiosk

Increasingly prevalent in public spaces and common corporate areas, digital signage is the medium to communicate with mobile audiences who are often moving. Eye-catching content draws passers-by’s attention with messaging designed to stand out from other media’ noise’. Centrally controlled remote management is here, yet you will reach local accessibility. Varito digital signage delivers relevant, targeted content designed to inform, entertain, or in some way, influence the viewer while bringing operational efficiencies broadly.

Influencing the customer Kiosk journey

With dynamic content, specialization is proven to motivate the behavior of the viewer. As you know, In retail environments, branded messaging builds loyalty promotes merchandising, and offers upsell and cross-sell opportunities to steer the customer journey. Digital posters in-store shop windows and shopping malls deliver eye-catching advertisements, which can be enhanced with context-aware capability and interactivity, with personalized messaging for even greater relevance with engagement. 

Here in Varito, advertising merges with entertainment, increasing engagement through ramification relevant to the leisure and hospitality sectors. Real-time content updates ensure a swift adaptation of content necessary for passenger information in airports and rail stations, menu boards, food & beverage establishments, and corporate reception and staff areas.

Explore A broad range of signage opportunities with Varito

Varito fits the needs of signage applications with single and multiple format displays being the most common with interactive options for more massive audience engagement. Direct view LED is increasingly famous with its modular nature scalable to create enormous media walls of intense color for indoor or outdoor signage. 

New advanced technology is here with low maintenance and long-life laser technology. It projects an alternative signage medium, maximizing otherwise unusable infrastructure to deliver large scale images. Even desktop monitors enter the signage sector, offering exciting formats to differentiate through creative configurations.

Varito’s custom-fit digital signage solutions include open and modular embedded computing power such as Raspberry Pi, protective glass, mirror glass, colored over frames, housings, mounts, and stands. Alongside a broad solutions partner network, it also delivers end-to-end solutions perfectly tailored to any application’s needs.

Advantages of Using Outdoor Digital Signage Display

Digital signage advertising is typically a recent technological development of which people can anticipate to see more and more. The causes for this are straightforward: not only are the applications for this technology remarkably broad, but they’re also simple to use and may be implemented at a low cost, providing an advertisement platform unlike any seen before.

But how precisely is digital signage advertising changing the face of marketing on a large scale? And what are the useful examples of how this technology has been achieved? Let’s take a more in-depth look at these questions while making various observations along the way.

Defining the Concept

Before answering the questions overhead, it’s useful to define what is meant by digital signage advertising. Luckily, the concept isn’t complicated. While digital signs may appear in various shapes and sizes, this type of marketing highlights a display unit (whether plasma, LCD, or some other kind of technology) strategically placed for either informational or publicity purposes.

These specialized displays can be as big as a billboard monitor or as small as a grocery store monitor panel. The only limit to its application is frequently shrinking technological limitations, and whatever advertising limitations may be in place in a given region.

Widespread Application Potential

Once the displays are installed correctly, the display material makes a connection to a network. Whether a local network or the internet—or they display data from a storage drive (usually connected to the unit). This fact highlights a notable difference between digital signage advertising and traditional print-based marketing.

For example, with print-based marketing, a significant limitation has always been that every new advertisement needed a new process. In other words, every advertisement had to be designed, submitted, and printed, a method that could take significant time and be often expensive. Aspects of this process had to be frequently repeated from poster to poster or billboard to billboard screen.

With the advent of today’s high-resolution screen, weather-ready, and cost-effective digital signage advertising, that’s no longer a severe issue. Instead, once a client’s advertisement is quite ready to be displayed to its intended target base, it may be uploaded and displayed per the equipment owner’s agreement.

Size Options for Outdoor Digital Signage Display

When you’re deciding the size of an outdoor digital signage display, you’ll need to think about some factors:

  • What is the specific or average viewing distance of your audience going to be?
  • What type of media files are you going to show?
  • Are you going to use a split-screen format?

The further your audience will be from the display, the bigger you’ll need your content to keep it eye-catching and understandable. It’s a very rare moment that someone gets enticed by a display they can’t see correctly. From buttons and writing to system logos and graphics, size matters usually. The size of every object will depend on the display’s size and its resolution.

It leads to the type of content. You need to ensure the content features aren’t drowned out or too overwhelming. If your display shows a lot of text-based content, then your screen will need to be more significant to keep it readable. It is somehow recommended that you have your writing 1” tall for every 10 feet you expect it to be read from.  Or maybe you use your display as advertising space? Your advertisers won’t be keen to advertise on a comparatively small screen with a very low reach. If your display is going to be split between different content at the same time here, you’ll likely need a more prominent display to ensure all content remains big enough to be seen accurately.

What are the available size options for each type of digital signage?

  • Tablets: 10” to 21.”
  • LCD/LED Displays: 22” to 98”
  •  Interactive Displays: 43” to 98”
  • Video Walls: 49’ to 55”

How are Varito outdoor displays protected from harsh weather?

Varito Outdoor displays have IP rated enclosures (minimum IP65) to keep the display sealed away from dust and the effects of snow, rain, and humidity. The annealed glass, especially used for outdoor displays, is four times more powerful than what’s used for indoor digital signage. It makes it more flexible to shattering and general wear.

They also have a perfect cooling system to keep the temperature within the seal regulated, limiting damage from hot environments and the screen’s heat. The core panels of Varito signage are also made resilient to heat variations, as any inconsistencies would weaken the components and create moisture.

Why are Varito outdoor digital displays brighter than indoor?

Fight back against bright sunlight condition; a display must be 700 nits (a measurement of light output) or more, so a Varito outdoor display can have up to 10,000 units and does so while consuming as little energy as possible.

It means that it can maintain clear screen visibility and does so in a cost-efficient manner. Many outdoor screens hold an ambient light sensor to match its brightness to the outside environment to prevent wasted energy and irritation to the eyes. To Know More About Outdoor Digital Signage Display


Will a self-service kiosk integrate with my point-of-sale system?

Fortunately, many kiosk software providers are fully capable of interfacing with different point-of-sale systems because they contain open APIs that work with the major systems. The only caveat might be if a POS system itself is not open to interfacing with other software programs. This can be the case for legacy POS systems or, to a lesser extent, modern POS systems where the vendor has opted to close off third-party software communications. When looking into a self-service kiosk program, kiosk-POS integration should be discussed early in the planning stages.

Can I also place my self-service kiosk outdoors?

Self-service kiosks are designed differently to withstand the environmental factors that come with being placed outside. In these instances, the structures must be designed and engineered to be weather-resistant, secure, durable and safe for all outdoor conditions.

If you’re looking to utilize self-service kiosks outside, you’ll need to keep in mind that outdoor kiosks can cost much more than an indoor kiosk. This is because these kiosks must be more durable, watertight and insulated as well as include hardware components that are rated and ruggedized for the outdoors. Touchscreens need to be easily read in direct sunlight, and the exterior must handle exposure to heavy wind, rain and more. Additionally, mounting will need to be factored in along with climate control inside the kiosk to maintain temperature and humidity.

When considering an outdoor option, make sure you’re aware of all the variables associated with ensuring a successful deployment.

How much did Facebook contribute to the demise of the outdoor advertising market?

Here are two billboards by two of the biggest tech companies in the world.
See that black area? That is the ad spend for outdoor (incl cinema).
It has been growing slowly since 1996.
Outdoor or out of home (OOH) has been growing steadily over the years. It is never going away. The ad channel that is dying is print media. A big chunk of that being newspapers.
So to answer your question.
Facebook did not do anything to the outdoor ad market.
The outdoor ad market plays a crucial role in advertising.
Why would Google and Amazon advertise on billboards?
3 characteristics of outdoor kiosks
Designed for 24/7 unattended outdoor use, users are able to interact with the solutions whenever it's most convenient for them, and business owners don't have to worry about missing out on potential customers when they're closed — everyone benefits.
Design considerations for outdoor kiosks
Outdoor kiosks need to survive in harsh environments with brutal attacks from Mother Nature. Almost every aspect of an outdoor digital kiosk has to be scrutinized and designed properly to survive outdoor environments.

In a digital world, what use is there for outdoor advertising?

OOH is one of the most broad reaching channels along with the radio and TV. Marketers use it mostly for awareness generating campaigns such as branding, and can feature some creative experiental assets - see this Aetna’s billboard made out of live lavenders.

To determine if you want to include it in your media mix, you really need to take into consideration variety of factors such as your campaign budget, purpose, and the audience you are trying to reach.

What are the benefits of outdoor advertising in Internet era?

It is true that billboards are an evitable part whilst you are driving as well as being a great tool for advertisement.

Here are some of the amazing benefits that billboard advertising have.

  1. Everyone sees it!
  2. Always functioning!
  3. You can choose your own location!
  4. Promote your brand and create awareness!
  5. Can attract all kinds of Customers!
What are the cons and pros to replace the traditional billboards advertising?
  • Overcomes bad weather and darkness
  • Allows for rich media displays.
  • Changing your ad is simple and done in real-time.
  • Segmenting the data you collect from this board is much simpler.

  • Cons:
  • This will usually cost more than it would if it was a billboard.
  • The editing process for creative can miss mistakes.
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