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Your Ultimate Guide to Free Standing Digital Signage Solutions in Bangladesh

What Do People Mean by Free Standing Digital Signage?

What is Free Standing Digital Signage? Sometimes called it Called Floor Standing Digital Signage Display– Advertisement Kiosk and Touch Screen electronic or dynamic Digital signage, we effectively mean ‘digital signs or Outputs.’ Those digital screens are used like traditional signs to convey information to an audience at a particular location where Most People Gathers. The digital signage category extends past typical LCD/LED displays to include video walls Display, touch screens Kiosk, and even large screen Restaurant Table.

Free Standing Digital Signage Kiosk bd
Digital AD Display

Conventional signage, the digital variety can display Every Types multimedia content from Multi-Format images and Some video to streaming media, web pages, social media, and animated text or Content. That capability makes digital signage most engaging and eye-catchy than its Main part.

Standing Digital Signage Kiosk Display
Free-Standing Digital Signage in Bangladesh

Nowadays popularity of digital signage springs partly from its scheduling functionality. Users can group Content into playlists and allocate different times of the day, week, or month for it to play. This makes the technology a widely useful marketing and communication tool.

What Is A Free-Standing Digital Signage?

“A Free-Standing Digital Signage ‘solution’ broadly refers to three combined components: software, hardware and content. We talk you through each of these elements in greater depth below.”


Firstly, you need a signage platform. That’s the software that allows you to design your screen presentations (we call these ‘creatives’) and manage your screens network. Digital signage software needs to be easy to use when creating content so that your ideas can be effortlessly brought to life. It also needs to be straightforward when it comes to programming your content to show on individual screens and at certain times. With this in mind, GCTL LED has designed a cloud-based, drag-and-drop platform that you don’t need to be an IT specialist to use it!

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Free-Standing Digital Signage kiosk


The second Main component in a digital signage ‘solution’ is the hardware Part. You’ll need a screen to View your content on and a media player to enable your software Part.

When it is possible to buy a digital signage screen with a media player Software built-in, at GCTLLED, we tend to avoid this approach to save hardware costs Mainly. These displays are significantly more expensive and tie you into a media player that can quickly become outdated. Opting instead for an external media player, you can use any TV screen or monitor, connecting via HMDI or VGA. This allows users even to repurpose old equipment.

Free Standing Kiosk Display

Media players come in all shapes and sizes, available on Android, Windows, and Chrome OS. We typically use Android Micro PCs as they have no moving parts, proving powerful, reliable, and energy-efficient Systems.


The final and mostly important ingredient in a digital signage ‘solution’ is the content Making. Digital signage Kiosk display is only as effective as with its content it presenting. When You will be designing Any types of content keep in mind, there are a few things you should Must in mind: Where is your screen going to be positioned Accurately? Think Who is your target Customer? What message are you trying to Show? Keeping All these questions Keep in your mind That will ensure you create engaging Best content that is well worth the investment in your Business. Check out our guide covering best practices for digital signage content creation.

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Who Can Benefit from Free Standing Digital Signage?

Almost anyone can benefit from digital signage. A wide range of industries use the Those technology, whether it’s to communicate with staff, market to customers or generate advertising revenue. Below are just some of the sectors we already work with and how signage is used.

Education Sector:

The Digital signage for education allows schools, colleges, and universities to display up-to-date information to engage students, staff, and visitors.

Corporate Sector:

Digital signage is ideal for corporate internal communication. Popular in offices and other premises can be a great way to promote company values or display meeting room timetables. in large corporate offices, digital wayfinding has proved to be a popular navigation solution. Through the use of an interactive digital kiosk, staff and visitors alike can navigate large buildings with ease.

Free Standing Digital Signage Bangladesh
Standing Digital Signage

Healthcare Sector:

Health digital signage is popular in Medical, hospitals, dentists, pharmacy and Receptions. Video/Image Information screens Help to improve patient communication Experiences, reduce perceived waiting time and educate the public Also Visitors. Healthcare Sector digital signage can also be a great medium for promoting healthcare products or advertising private treatments.

Entertainment Sector:

The entertainment And Cinema industry spans everything from cinemas and theatres to casinos and sports venue Area. Those Displays are often used for video and promotions. Digital signage in entertainment is great for enticing customers and guests with food and beverage offerings Promotions.

Free Standing Digital Signage
Free-Standing Digital Signage

Retail Sector:

Retail Digital Signage for retail is Most popular amongst independent Small, Big shops, and shopping centers in Bangladesh. Recent studies have shown digital signage in retail can increase sales by as much as 29.5% Rapidly.

Real Estate Sector:

Out of all the industries, the Real-Estate Sector perhaps benefits the most from digital signage using.

Free Standing Digital Signage Kiosk
Free-Standing Digital Signage bd

Installing screens in a window allow agents to automate how they promote properties, avoiding manual work. Alternatively, estate agents can showcase a virtual property walk-through in the window to lure potential buyers.

Hospitality Sector:

Digital signage has a variety of applications in the hospitality sector. Screens crop up in restaurants and hotels of all kinds to engage patrons. Digital signage scheduling is highly popular within the hospitality industry. It allows organizations to schedule menus and welcome messages long in advance, saving valuable time.

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Free-Standing Signage

Advertising Sector:

You don’t have to be an advertising agency to benefit from digital signage. Anyone can generate a second source of income with a signage network.

Displaying local Ads on a digital signage screen at your organization can provide a significant income source to invest back into the organization.

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