Indoor Portable LCD & LED Digital signage Poster

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Indoor Portable LCD & LED Digital signage Poster

Indoor Portable Digital Poster


Detailed Product Description

Screen Size: 1920*576mm, Support Customized
Tube Chip Color: Full Color
Product Name: P3 LED Poster Screen
Application: Indoor
Brightness: 1500cd/m2
Place Of Origin: China

SKU # VA55DSP-11

Quick details:

1. Using wireless remote 3G./4G, WiFi, network cable, U disk control, can achieve the same dual control
2. Large-scale integrated control and management
3. Transmission is not limited by distance
4. For indoor and outdoor applications (flat and seamless, consistent pitch, no flickering, no color blocks)
5. Adjust screen brightness according to ambient brightness
6. With wheels and fixed feet, free to move in various places
7. SMD is highlighted, the viewing angle is 140°, the contrast is high (5000:1), and the image is vivid
8. Can be applicable to airports, high-speed rail, hotels, commercial plazas, pedestrian streets, gas stations, convention centers, golf courses.

Indoor Portable LED Digital signage Poster

Indoor Digital signage


Indoor Portable LCD & LED Digital signage Poster Description:

More and more LED screen go inside indoor application, this portable screen is easy to carry out anywhere needed. This LED poster is an all-in-one video display stand designed for commercial information display needs. It’s slim, smart, durable and mobile design makes it is a dreaming dynamic replacement for traditional LCD poster stand or backlit signage. HD image quality, refresh rate up to 3840Hz, brightness at 1500nits, 3 times brighter than LCD display, high color reproduction, compare with indoor LCD poster, with high brightness, super thin and low-power consumption, LED digital poster is also suitable for brightn occasion. Can be with synchronized/ asynchronous system, plug and play corss-platform operation, real time play by connecting to network, the screen can be controlled with fixed or portable windows, Android devices. The content can be refreshed and stored in built-in media player through WIFI or USB to achieve asynchronous play.

What is the price range of VARITO Indoor Portable LCD & LED Digital signage Poster in Bangladesh?

The price range of VARITO Indoor Portable LCD & LED Digital signage Poster in Bangladesh at GCTL from BDT 1,20,000 to BDT 1,75,000. All Kind of Display signage, LED, LCD Display, Android Advertising Kiosk, self-service information kiosk, P6 Billboard are available on Germany Computer and Telecom Ltd.

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What are digital signage displays?

Digital signage is a centrally controlled, content distribution platform by which to playback digital content to one or many displays or screens. ... 'Digital signage is best explained as a form of electronic display that shows television programming, menus, information, advertising, and other messages.

What is a digital poster?

A digital poster is a digital image or motion graphic that displays relevant information to an audience. It is simply what the name implies.

How do you use digital signage?

  • Feature a Product, Item, or Service. In-store signage has one primary goal - to visualize and advertise your products and services.
  • Explain the Value in a Product, Item, or Service.
  • Create Urgency.
  • Entertain Customers.
  • Inform Customers.
  • Introduce Your Staff.
  • Communicate With Your Staff.
  • Communicate Brand Values.
  • How does a digital signage work?

    How does digital signage work? Digital signage's content is powered by a media player or system-on-a-chip which pushes content to a display. Users can then manage the content with a content management system, either on-site or within the cloud to change up content on the fly.

    Can you use digital signage as a TV?

    Getting started with digital signage doesn't need to be expensive, in fact, you may be able to use TVs or computer screens that you already own. ... So, using your TV for digital signage is as simple as plugging in a digital signage player with a HDMI cable, for example, Cenareo's Plug & Play player.

    How effective is digital signage?

    Here is some statistic which shows how effective is digital signage: Digital menu boards can boost overall sales by 3% to 5%. (source. Digital signage reduces the perceived wait time at checkouts by as much as 35%.


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